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Cosmetics manufacturers are launching new beauty products every day to give your skin the vitality and youthful glow it once had. One of these products is DermaFixa Collagen Serum.

DermaFixa claims it can revitalize, moisturize and replenish your skin to such an extent that it will become firm, glowing and bright again within a very short period of time.

The promise that DermaFixa makes is that you will appear several years younger than you look now, without any injections, surgical procedures or expensive Botox treatments or the like. But are this really true? Read the review here to find out.


What claims does DermaFixa make?

DermaFixa makes the following promises to its users on its website:

  • Enhances the pigmentation of skin
  • Returns firmness to your skin
  • Gradual decrease in fine lines by smoothing them out
  • Obvious decrease in the appearance of dark circles
  • Obviously reduces the number of wrinkles
  • Helps your skin stay moisturized by maintaining high levels of hydration at all times
  • Improves the skin’s immunity and reduces any discoloration

What ingredients are in DermaFixa?

In checking whether a particular product is something worth investing in, most people have a look at the list of ingredients.

In looking at the label on DermaFixa Collagen Serum, you might be disappointed because you won’t see a detailed list of its ingredients or any compositions.

When the contents of this product are all so ambiguous, we cannot be certain that DermaFixa would be able to fulfill its claims of returning the youthfulness back to one’s skin. Furthermore, what could be more dangerous is that this serum might contain the type of ingredients that could be harmful to one’s skin type and cause allergic skin reactions such as rashes.

True Price of DermaFixa

The DermaFixa website flashes an offer for a 14-day free trial of DermaFixa Collagen Serum. But, the truth is revealed in the fine print. At first glance it seems like you would only be charged $4.95 for shipping and handling, but you need to read further.

The real cost is revealed in the Terms and Conditions that are detailed at the bottom of the web page. Here’s how it works, once you sign up for the free trial, you will be charged the $4.95 shipping charges, which you’re expecting to pay.

But when you do this you are signing a subscription agreement, which means if you do not cancel your subscription within a certain period of time, you will be billed a total of $98.41 for the products you received in this so-called “free trial.”

The situation you’re now in is because you signed up for an auto-ship program, which means you will continue to receive the product, and be billed for it, until you cancel the subscription. To cancel your subscription you must email them at [email protected] or you can phone (888) 535-4536 to cancel.

Bottom Line

We would not recommend this product to you at all as there is no clarity regarding the ingredients used in making this cream. Also, the price is too high for a product that is not honest with its users. Hence, we would advise opting for a cost-effective alternative that is transparent about its pricing and components.


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If I could rate it a -100, I would. I would not give it ANY star rating. Hugh scam that charges your card right at $100 a month after you order your FREE TRIAL! DON'T DO IT!!!!

Rip Off Artists

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Water is the main ingredient and they bill you $100 if you don't cancel within 15 days. That was not clear and of course, the 15 days had elapsed by the time I saw it on my bill. After I yelled for 5 minutes they offered to give me a partial refund of about 1/2 but...as of this writing it has not been credited to my card. 100% Scam!

Huge scam -stay away !!

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Stay away from these people. This is nothing more than a scam. When I called to find out why they charged my credit card for $98.41, they told me I agreed to this. When I said no I did not , she rambled on about about how great these products are. I asked her nicely and firmly, but she would not listen. She did cancel order but ended up hanging up on me. I then called the number from the order and he agreed as a "courtesy" to refund half. In 2-5 business days. I"ll see but if it's not credited, I will keep fighting. I feel like such a jerk for having anything to do with this company. PS I also told them I would ship back for full refund, but they told me I could but I would still not receive a full refund. Awful company! Stay away ! This is no way to do business. At least not for me


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Horrible!!! My credit card was debited, was suppose to be a free trial. beware!!!!! Very hard to cancel!!!!! Will call charge card company to stop billing also!! Scam - scam - scam

Big Scam

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Just like the other reviews, I received my product, I was supposed to be charged only $5.95 for shipping and handling, but I was changed $272, I call to cancel they offer me all this ridiculous discounts and stated they won't be able to refund because all products are final. I try to talk to this non-sense customer service people to clarify that I was ripped off and I wanted my money back, I asked for a Supervisor and was told that unfortunately they won't be able to connect me with any supervisor at all because I already cancelled the products and I won't be charged no more, are you kidding me I was ripped off for $272 products that I haven't used they are still on the same box and I was told I can't return them. The police should be involved in this. Please people don't buy anything from this scammers


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This company is awful---same incident as the other ladies.They hang up on you and offer nothing. I was charged $197.00 and have received nothing because I cancelled my membership. Even the bank told me i have no recourse on them:( SCAM!!!!!!!!!


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Wanted to try the serum only. They sent a kit with all kinds of stuff in it. Put the serum on and broke out with bumps. Called to return the product and was told I couldn't get a refund because the product was used. Huh!!! No kidding it was used but there's a money back guarantee??? Christine, who sounded 12 years old, said yes. Ok I asked for a supervisor and she said there were none there and hung up.

Cream scam

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Dr Oz show in Feb showed the Galione brothers kevin galione and craig galione running this con in San Diego.


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I did receive my first orders but then called to cancel they offered me 80% discount but then charged me the regular price & no product!!! They refused to refund me because they didn't take my money & told me my BANK was wrong!!! Very rude & hung up on me 6 times!!!! SCAM!!!!!!!!!!! Having to cancel my debit card now!!! Very bad business!!!!! I'm a hairdresser & could have been a good costumer!!!!!!


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I didn't receive the product and ask for a refund. I was told they can not refund my money. Buyer beware, this us a SCAM.

Don't fall for scam!

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I opted for free trial but few days later I noticed that my credit card was debited. I called the support and they kept telling me why I should not cancel the subscription bla bla bla... Guys, beware of this product.

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