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Epifresh anti-ageing cream claims to be the right choice for aging women. It is an injection-free solution that promises to bring back the youthfulness, glow and firmness to your skin within a very short time. It also boasts of providing results that are better than Botox.

But are these claims true? Can you trust Epifresh? When you know about some important factors like the cream’s ingredients and pricing, you can answer these questions in a better way. Read on to know more about these details.


What does Epifresh claim?

Epifresh anti-ageing cream claims to use scientifically tested and advanced ingredients to enter into the deepest layers of your skin. This way, it promises to act on your wrinkles and dark circles permanently. Within eight weeks of using this cream, you will see the following benefits, according to the product’s website.

  • Up to 84% reduction in the number of wrinkles and fine lines
  • Up to 95% improvement in the skin’s potential to produce collagen
  • Up to 73% improvement in the appearance of dark circles
  • Considerable improvement in the repair of damaged skin tissues
  • Removal of elements causing stress and discoloration
  • Overall improvement in the tone, texture, firmness and immunity levels of the skin

Never trust these claims blindly, however impressive they seem to be. Always trust your instincts and proceed to collect facts that will support these claims. You need to be fully convinced that this is the right product for your skin.

What does Epifresh contain?

When you proceed to check Epifresh’s ingredients, you are sure to be disappointed to a great extent, because the site doesn’t mention these details. The site tells that Epifresh follows a Proprietary Bisophere combined with a QuSome delivery system to get into the innermost molecules of the skin. However, these details don’t explain anything to the layman. They don’t say anything about the product’s effectiveness as well. Hence, we must admit that we are quite disappointed with this product.

Epifresh is available on a free trial basis for 14 days. To avail this, you need to pay shipping charges worth $7.95. If you are not happy with the product, remember to cancel your subscription within these 14 days. If you fail to do so, your credit card will be charged $89.71 towards the full purchase price of the product. Also, you are part of the product’s auto-ship policy as well. Thus, once in every 30 days, you will have to pay $89.71 for the shipments that are sent to you regularly. To avoid paying these, you need to call 1-855-745-5867 and cancel your subscription at the earliest.

Bottom Line

We advise you to stay away from Epifresh as it doesn’t reveal its ingredients at all. The exorbitant prices and tricky cancellation/auto-ship rules don’t help matters either. We would never recommend this product to you as we feel that it doesn’t deserve your money’s worth. We would rather advise you to look for better, cheaper and more effective anti-ageing alternatives for the betterment of your skin.

Totally a deliberate scam going on.

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Actually not deserving of any rating what so ever. I was backing out from the FREE trial , decieded I wasn’t comfortable with no company info listed , another product they added to the order that I was unable to remove and finally terms and conditions portion kept locking up on me so I couldn’t read it, well go figure my phone rings and it’s them saying oh no you need these products don’t cancel the order , I said No I don’t want these products , get back to my iPad and the page IS GONE. 5 days later I get email that my order being shipped, again no contact info. I got product today, again no contact info , no return instructions , payment statement or billing instructions. On the product very hard to read is a phone number, I called and was told they sell male enhancement products only, I called my credit card co and disputed all charges and then they advised I cancel my card and reissue with a new card. Beware Beware

Shameless Frauds

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Call your credit card company and dispute these charges !!!

Epifresh Super Scam

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I signed up for free trial Feb 6, called Feb 20 after noticing my bank account was charged $94 from Epifresh And separate $94 for Juvaplex which I didn't even want. After contacting Epifresh today they informed me i kept the product over the "14-day trial" period and they will be, in my opinion, "stealing" the money out of my account. Yes they counted the 6th of February as "day 1" so technically today is day 15???!!!! There goes 200$ down the drain....STAY AWAY FROM THESE THIEVES TO TOP IT ALL OFF THE PRODUCT SUCKS

Total Scam

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I ordered the EpiFresh free product sample (Free trial sample-Just so you know that is a total lie) on Jan 25, 2018. Did not receive product even though the shipping charges were charged immediately upon ordering. I called on Jan. 30th to see where the product was...they will ship immediately and was told to call when I finally receive the product so they can restart the order date (?) ...did not have a clue what that meant. Received product on Feb 6th. I was checking on my bank balance on Feb 9th and notice that I had a charge on my account for 94.00 from EpiFresh. (this is 3 days after I received the product folks). I called a number that was on my bank statement (because they don't provide you with contact information on their advertisement) and was told that the charge was for my free sample.....what???? What's free about it if they are going to charge you for it!!!! That is certainly deceptive trade practices right there! I have to admit that sent me into orbit,,,,why,,,,because what they advertise is a lie...plain and simple. I told the man that I was speaking to, what the guy told me on the 30th about resetting my order date...did not matter they would not change it. I told them I wanted my money back and he said that if I shipped the product back at my own expense then they would refund the money...again what is the purpose of saying something is free when clearly it's not. He also said that he couldn't refund the money because that was the payment for my product...remember my FREE product)!!!!! I won't go into the boring details about my argument with them...suffice to say this is a scam deluxe! Of course the people you are talking to has nothing to do with the actual company itself and trying to find out the information on the actual company and it's owners is a joke as well. Next will be Better Business Bureau, and possibly an attorney to file charges on this deception and scam.. At this point....it is about the principal and the deception!!! They ask me how I liked the product and it was like ...what a dumb question when you clearly know I have had the product for 3 days!!!!

Stay Away!!!

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This company is a total scam!! After cancelling 3 months ago, they are still charging my credit card with erroneous charges! They stsrted ripping me off from the very start!! Do not give them your credit card info!!!

Huge Scam

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I would give it minus 10 stars if I could. Don't buy the free trial because you will automatically be charged almost $200. Canadian for this product. It feels nice on the skin but does absolutely nothing it claims. Service reps are rude and talk to you like you're an idiot. ANYTHING that say free or just pay shipping be warned nothing is free. Even if they tell you that you have a certain amount of days to cancel, not true they charged my card the day after I ordered.

Epi Fresh Scam

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Please DO NOT get involved with this company! They are crooked, and once they get your credit card info, they will just keep charging you erroneous charges! You can go to a dept store and get better quality product without the hassles of this ridiculous company. Stay away!!!

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