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Lumaglow Anti-Wrinkle Cream is one of those products that claim to bring a magical transformation on your face. It claims to remove wrinkles and dark circles completely, thereby making you look young, glowing and vibrant as always.

While these words sound too sweet, you must understand that they are not true after all.  You should know to read between the lines and conduct a proper research to understand more about the product, its effectiveness, price and other features so that you can decide if it is the right choice for you.


What Does Lumaglow Claim?

Like all other anti-ageing beauty products in the market, Lumaglow Anti-Wrinkle Cream promises a lot of things on its website like the following:

  • Visible improvement in the skin’s brightness
  • Bring back the firmness and glow on skin
  • Smoothening impact on fine lines
  • Visible improvement in the tone of skin
  • Diminishes the impact of uneven and old skin
  • Visible reduction in wrinkles and dark circles
  • Improvement of skin’s hydration levels
  • Overall improvement in the skin’s immunity levels

All of these can tempt you to invest in this cream; however, you should refrain from doing so until you have a clear understanding of the cream’s ingredients and cost structure.

What Does Lumaglow Contain?

The ingredients of a particular product are the ones that decide its effectiveness. Therefore, one of the first checks you should do to check the authenticity of Lumaglow Anti- Wrinkle Cream, is to see its label for ingredients.

You are going to be disappointed in this aspect because the product’s site and package do not give away any information about the contents. We only know that the cream uses whole collagen molecules and peptide-rich serum to restore the firmness on one’s skin. These details are not enough to decide the effectiveness of the product.

Pricing of Lumaglow

This cream is available for free for a 18-day trial period, during which you have to pay $4.95 towards shipping charges only. Remember to cancel this product within this period if you are not satisfied with the same. If you fail to do so, you will receive a huge shock at the end of the 18th day in the form a bill of $89.41 towards the products used by you.

Since you are part of the auto-ship policy, your subscription will be automatically renewed, and you will continue to get monthly shipments of Lumaglow delivered at your address. You need to pay $89.41 every month for these until you cancel your subscription completely. It is highly recommended that you call on the toll-free number, 888-622-8765 within the trial period and opt out of this mess.

Bottom Line

We are quite disappointed with Lumaglow Skin Cream because it doesn’t mention its ingredients transparently. We are not sure if this product would be effective for you as we don’t know the contents. The hidden pricing structure and auto-ship policies are only adding to the complexities further. So, we would suggest that you stay away from this product.

Good customer service in Canada

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Excellent customers Service!!! Had To cancel my trial order and I followed the company instructions. Everything went well and did not get charged. Thank you for this rewiew it helped me a great deal in taking my decision to return the products :)!


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I agree with Barbara. They did not say the prices were in US funds. Outrageous prices for a product I can't even use. Turned my skin red and blotchy.Refused to refund my $ and said I couldn't send the product back. I was out of province when parcel arrived and was away for over a month on a family crisis so I missed out on the 14 day trial. Basically called me a liar and said because I missed the 14 day trial I didn't qualify for cancellation. Ended up paying for another shipment I can't use. Great customer service..... NOT. Do not waste your hard earned money on these products!.

Rip Offs

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Do not deal with this company outrages prices for products not worth it refuse to refund any of your money automatically send products you didn't order and overcharge first charged me for products didn't order then charged again for the two I did requests all in the same month and why can't one contact corporate office? Stay away from Thames people.


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Do not fall for the free trial of Lumaglow or Oveena. IT IS A SCUM, THEY ARE THIEFS!!!!

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