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We all become conscious about our appearance as we grow old. Our skin develops wrinkles and fine lines as our age progresses, making us feel disheartened. These wrinkles and blemishes not only spoil our look but also come as a huge dent for our self-confidence as well.

There are quite a few products in the market that claim to remove our wrinkles instantly. Lumivol is one of them. Is this product good enough to put your money in? Read on to know more.

What does Lumivol claim?

The following are some of the reasons that should be compelling enough for you to consider Lumivol as your go-to solution for removing all symptoms related to old age from your skin:

  • Makes your skin look youthful by improving the clarity and tone of your skin
  • Makes your skin look soft and supple by tightening it and avoid sagging
  • Instant reduction of fine line and wrinkles from your skin

With all these exciting features, you might want to try the trial offer from Spendyr and watch the results for yourself. However, before you sign up for the same, here are some important points that you need to keep in mind and take a qualified decision if this product is suitable for you or not.

What ingredients does Lumivol use?

Whenever you choose any beauty product, you should first read through the ingredients to see if they are natural and if you are allergic to anything. Unfortunately, you will not be able to make this analysis on Lumivol, because the ingredients aren’t mentioned in the package. This should ring an alarm bell in your mind and make you think if you need a product that cannot support its claims with its ingredients.

Cost structure of Lumivol

After 14-day trial offer, you need to pay $99.15 and additional postage charges of $4.95 for the Lumivol. There are two problems in this cost structure. One is the insanely high cost of this product and second is the limited period of trying. Fourteen days is too short a time to try any beauty product and Lumivol is no exception to this rule. From these two facts, it is evident that you have to face too many risks when you sign up for this product. The other major challenge is that Lumivol operates under an auto-ship policy. Therefore, until your subscriptions are cancelled, you will keep getting supplies every 30 days at cost of $99.15

Is Lumivol a legitimate product?

It is very difficult to answer this question directly. As a user, you have to go through all the terms and conditions clearly before signing up, so that you don’t feel disappointments later on. We cannot say that Lumivol is illegitimate; however, since the prices are too high, and ingredients are not mentioned here, you can always look for better alternatives to reduce wrinkles. Feel free to call 844-591-7236 or send an email to support@lumivol.com for any queries.


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SCAM bill you under different companies cancelled on day 14 of 30 day free trial charged. 193.82 for 2 trial products

Lumivol AWFUL SCAM-Angry!!!

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First time, and LAST, to ever get suckered by a company like this. I knew better. No product works this way. I used both the facial serum and eye cream. NO CHANGES AFTER 1 MONTH. Somehow missed the whole billing of almost $200 for these products after 14 days. I called the 1-800 customer service number on my bank statement to find out what I had been charged for and the Rep. refused to tell me until I provided my personal information, I hesitated since at the time I didn't realize it was this product I was charged for and was scared of some crazy identity theft issue. I only knew that a company called AKI Health Truth and E Healthy me had charged my account. She refused to tell me why the charges were on my account, then when I gave in and told her my personal info she explained. I was adamant I hadn't agreed to any such thing and was actually cautious and wouldn't have purchased the trial if I had seen that when I ordered it. I insisted she resend me the email with this information that she stated was emailed to me when the trial started. She couldn't provide me with this agreement. I demanded a refund and spent another 20 minutes back and forth on the details of that process. Then she switched to sales tactics and offered for me to keep the product for 1/2 price since it would be such a hassle for me to return. I refused that option, DUH, and said there is no way they were getting any money from me due to the shady way they "sold" me the product. At that point she told me I would have to pay a $20 restocking fee! WTH!!! No I would not, I insisted, and asked for a manager TWICE, then she said she could take those charges off and refund me the full amount. Ok now we are getting somewhere! Oh wait, but if you do not ship the product a certain way they can't refund, and if you do not label it a certain way, they will not refund. Also , if I wanted my refund processed, I would have to call them back once shipped with a tracking number! WHAT!?!?! So product arrived via USPS on 7/3/17 to their facility called "FDC Returns", I called to let them know tracking number...spoke to a man with very broken English, who told me to "CHILL" and "RELAX" that I would get my money back--oh and he refused to take my tracking number and said he only needed to document the package was shipped. I reiterated at least 3 times I was told to give the tracking number to someone. Nope, he refused it. So today is 7/17/17 and still no refund! I have called a 3rd time only to be asked for a tracking number from a very polite young man. AGAIN, WTH?!?! I explained my previous encounter and he apologized and said with the tracking number he would immediately process my refund...HOWEVER...it would be another 3-5 days to get my money back. UGH! never again! It would be easier to take even this customer service catastrophe if the product worked...but I got NOTHING!

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