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Novellus Face Cream

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The Novellus has made its way into the market with the proclamations of wrinkle reduction, ageing spots and under eye circles removal. It also indicates an increased generation of collagen. This product seems to be a big solution for aging Women.

However, the truth behind the product remains to be seen. We will have to research the contents of the product, the cost for it and then check out if this is a product worth its cost and safe for usage.

What the product Novellus promises

The Novellus can safely be categorized as an anti- ageing product and aids are fighting aging. It fights against all the factors that give the old looking feel to the face – including reduction of age spots as well as pigmentation marks, the removal of a decrease in under eye circles, straightening of frown lines and increased elasticity as well as more production of collagen in the skin. All who are looking at these promises will be floored and get a feeling that this product is exactly what they are looking for and is an answer to their prayers. However, there is a lot more understanding that has to go into the contents and the way the product reacts if one has to take a decision on whether it has to be used or not.

The contents in Novellus

It is a basic first level research that leads us to look into what the cream contains – because we need justification to understand why Novellus serum should do what it promises to do. This is the first major setback in our research as we don’t seem to have any information in this regard. All we see is a very simple use of the term “Our Advanced Formula,” with no explanation of what chemicals are those or how these are going to be playing a part in the rejuvenation of the skin leading to the youth radiance the product claims. With this basic question not even being addressed, there is a lot of cloud hanging over the so-called and claimed magic on this product.

Cost factor of Novellus

As we move on to the next step of checking how the cost of the product is justified, there is another rude shock in the waiting. There is no black and white mention of the cost details. On the other hand, there is a mention of a free trial period and this is as misleading as it sounds. There is also a fine print which says that there is an amount of $89.92 which will be levied at the end of the trial offer – so leaves one wondering, what’s free after all. In the case of failure to cancel, the Novellus serum get auto shipped every 30 days for $89.92 (product) + $4.99 (shipping), and that is the other let down.

The verdict

With all these, you can safely just not sign up for this Novellus serum, and if you need something similar, then it makes sense to look for a different product with same specs.

Who to contact for query regarding Novellus

In case you want to cancel any sign up that was done, you can choose to either call (888) 207-1750 or email [email protected]m.com to cancel the same.


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Like the recipients of this product, I too was taken and charged twice $185!!! It wasn't until I rec'd the 2nd shipment that I thought, who is ordering this! When I called to return this product I was told that because I did not cancel within 14 days, I could not return or get credit for the 2nd shipment. I told the agent that I never received aNY paperwork with either shipment so how do I reference anything! I would totally tell anyone that wants to try this product DO NOT DO IT!!! Not only were they deceptive, the product did nothing that was not icicle!!!

Novellus Cream

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Buyer Beware: I can’t give even give this a rating I am appalled the way they scam you.. I ordered a trial cream which isn’t that the purpose to ty the cream first then order more if I like it... I was told only 4.95 for shipping and the product is mine to try... 14 days later and 2 days after I recieved the product they charged me 190.00 to my account. I was so upset I called as soon as I saw the charge. I have to return the product in 10 days for my refund not only that how is anyone suppose to try a product. I will never ever order from them. Obviously the product doesn’t work because if it did they would have begged me to try it for the 4.95 they told me the would charge me in the first place. I have never ever wrote a review about any company at all but this one got under my skin, literally. They should be ashamed of them selves


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I signed up for the free trial and barely had the product just over a week when I was charged for the "regular size". I called the company immediately and let them know I had not had enough time to know if I liked the products, and asked for an authorization number to return the unwanted product. I was told that I had failed to contact the company before the 2 week trial was completed, which had started when I signed up rather than when I received the product. They refused to allow me to return. And then had the nerve to ask if I wanted to refer friends and family. Honestly, even if I LOVED the products once I've had a chance to really see if the results they promise are true I WILL NEVER AGAIN DO BUSINESS WITH THE UNETHICAL BUSINESS.

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