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NuvaClear Skin is yet another beauty product which offers injection-free remedy to all the skin issues. They say that you’ll get rid of all the issues without undergoing the knife of a plastic surgeon. It claims to remove the wrinkles and crinkles from your skin naturally. So you don’t need to worry at all about these issues, according to this beauty product. But, what is the reality. You are not supposed to invest a good amount of money to buy it and believe their claims without verifying the authenticity of the product. Let’s testify the credibility of the claims first before going ahead.


Claims of NuvaClear Skin

First of all, I will check what the claims of the product are. Like other similar beauty products, this NuvaClear Skin serum claims to remove the stress lines, horizontal lines, dark circles and other ageing signs. The manufacturer makes the following claims over the web site of the serum. Now, this is not unusual for the manufacturers of skincare products such as this to make such claims. But are they actually true? Well, the bottom line is that we don’t know unless we do some more research into the ingredients of the cream and what effect these ingredients will have on your skin.

Ingredients of NuvaClear Skin

When I visited the site, I only see that it uses vitamin C to make the product. I don’t get other information about the product. The web site of the product is really shabby and I actually didn’t get any useful information about the composition of the product. So, it is really tough for me to verify the authenticity of the claims without knowing the ingredients of NuvaClear Skin serum. In fact, it strengthens my doubts about the beauty product. So for me, these look false claims.

Price of NuvaClear Skin

Well, if you want to know about the ‘actual’ price of the product, you must thoroughly read its terms and conditions section. It is basically available on 14 day’s free trial period but it is actually not free at all. They will charge your credit card each month. If you don’t like or want the product, you’ll have to cancel the subscription within 14 days. Otherwise, they will charge you $89.95 after 14 days and will charge you $94.90 after every 30 days. To cancel the package, you can call them at (855) 217-1108 or email them at cs@nuvaclearskin.com

Concluding remarks

As I’ve mentioned earlier that the product, NuvaClear Skin doesn’t reveal its ingredients so you should never use it. In addition to that, the dubious price structure and other relevant things make this product really risky to buy. So, it’s my wise advice that you should stay away from this serum.

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Please DO NOT ORDER. Trial size verbiage is false. These people are big time SCAMMERS. TRIPLE ZERO RATING!!


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These people are true scammers. They sent me an email as if it was from Amazon. Free trial all I had to do was pay 495 shipping then they charge you every month $92 for the eye serum $95 for the facial cream I could not get them to stop for three months I asked if I could return the items they said no returns I would stay far far away from this company!


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It caught my attention because it was a free trial they just charge sh. But they send me, additinal an eye serum without even asking. I received it eithin a weekor more. And, to my surprise, the following month I was charged the shupping and handling plus $89.95 abd $95. For the other. I called to get an RMA# In order to return it. They said their office was closed due to the holidays. So i called them in January to ask for such RMA # I was told that I was too late for that and that I couldn't return it. So I asked them to cancelb they prompted me with "we can give you next shipment for half a price. I said no, I am not interested

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