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PuraVida Skincare

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There are lots of skincare solutions in the market today that promise to reduce our wrinkles and make us look younger. Most of them come with attractive trial offers as well, which is hard to resist!

PuraVida skincare solution is one of them. It makes tall claims to bring back the radiance in our skin. How far can we trust the claims of this solution and its pricing structure? Here is our take on this product.

PuraVida Skincare

What does PuraVida Skincare promise for your skin?

  • Keeps your skin hydrated at all times
  • Increases the capacity of your skin to produce collagen hormone
  • Instantly reduce the formation of wrinkles and fine lines

If you are worried about the ageing symptoms that are already showing on your skin, there are high chances that you would be attracted towards this product because of the benefits it provides. However, when you choose any product without analyzing it properly, you will do more harm than good for your skin, and you will regret your decision later on. PuraVida Skincare solution is no exception to this rule. Before deciding that this is the right product for you, here are few things that you need to check first:

What is PuraVida Skincare made of?

PuraVida skincare solution doesn’t come with a detailed label; however it is far better than most of its counterparts in that, it has mentioned the list of components that are used for making this cream. They are Aloe Vera Gel, Hydrolized Soy Protein, Argireline Complex, Ascorbic Acid, Persea Gratissima and Cucumis Sativus. It would have been better if the manufacturers of PuraVida Skincare solution had mentioned the dosage of all these ingredients as well so that it would have been easier for us to make a decision.

Pricing structure of PuraVida Skincare

PuraVida Skincare solution comes with a 14-day trial offer. This doesn’t mean that the product comes free of cost during this period. You have to pay an initial shipping fee, after which you will be charged $89.98, if you don’t cancel this product within the trial period, you will be in for a rude shock, as you will be charged this hefty sum. Therefore, you need to act quickly and cancel your product in according with the terms and conditions, so that you don’t have to cough up huge sums later on. If you miss confirming your cancellation, you will have to keep paying for the monthly supplies sent to you, as PuraVida Skincare solution operates under an auto-ship policy. For all queries related to cancellation and others, you can reach out to 1-877-251-2215 or [email protected]

Bottom Line

Though the ingredients used in PuraVida Skincare solution are quite powerful, it recommended that you stay away from this product as the exact quantities of these ingredients are not mentioned in the package. It comes with hidden charges as well, and the demerits of auto-ship policy don’t make it any better for the creditworthiness of this solution. If you are looking for transparency in services, this is not the product for you.

Terrible scam!!!!! Don't buy!!!!

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If I could've given it zero stars I would have. these people are complete con artists. that's all they are. Their entire thing is a scam. they charge you a ton of money for a regular moisturizer and then they charge you $78-$89 again and again and again. and when you call them to try and tell him that you already canceled they'll tell you that you didn't. I told them that I had a screenshot of the confirmation of my cancellation of my account and that was the only way that I got them to agree to refund. then they tried to talk me into a partial refund. they told me they would give me 25% of my money back and I said I canceled on time. You haven't sent me any more products even. you're just charging me for nothing. I DONT OWE YOU money! then they changed it to 50%. I had to sit and fight for like an hour and then the lady said that she would refund 100% of my money but she was going to charge me a cancellation fee. I said there should be no cancellation fee because I canceled everything on time as per the guidelines THEY set up on THEIR website. I did everything correctly. But they told me that they were going to charge me a cancellation fee and then hung up the phone immediately before I could say anything. and I had to call back and force them to give me all my money back and not charge me for it. this took the better part of an afternoon. screw these people! I hope they die in a fire.


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Tried trial sample. Then started getting billed for product I never ordered! Nothing in their documents said I would be shipped any more products! This is not what I signed up for. How did accounts . Had to cancel my debit card, and spent hours canceling new orders


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This company is simply trying to con you and does not make clear what you are getting. I applied for one cream for the $4.95 shipping. I immediately received a receipt showing $0.00 for the product and $4.95 shipping fee. I received nothing with the product telling me I would be charged $89.95 just days after receiving the product. Not receipt or order form was in the box and no company name on the box just an address. I never saw anything in writing showing I would be charged in 14 days. The 14 so called days started the day of the order. Even though it took 4 or 5 days to get the product. Also when I had submitted the for the product it came up showing a duplicate order but I did not get a second receipt. But noticed a few days later I had been charged $4.95 twice 2 days apart and when the 2nd box came it was a totally different product. It arrived also with no order form of shipping receipt and no company name only an address in Florida. In less than 2 weeks I was charged full price for two products. I am out $185.00 from my account. I cancelled my card immediately and contacted the company. It two to three days to receive an email stated the terms were in the T & C. This company knows what they are doing and they are scamming people. Do not purchase anything from them.


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Help getting scammed by this company , 200 so far , cancelling credit card No phone number

Not happy with Puravida

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i recently seen an advertisement to get a free trail of PuraVida ageless moisturizer, then they added 2 more bottles of other things at cost, which i did not want, they charged my credit card, do not know how this went through, i cancelled it when i found out i had to pay money, i really thought i was getting it free. I am not happy with this whatsoever. I got no confirmation about this recent purchase at all, i did cancel it, don't understand how it was charged to my credit card.

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