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There are quite a few anti-ageing skincare solutions in the market that promise to give you back your young-looking and firm skin without these use of any injections or costly treatments like Botox. Vella Visage Ageless Eye Revitalizer is one of them.

While it is good to hear such claims, one should understand that these products come with a lot of risks as well. When you come across such beauty products that are available on a trial basis, you should take extra care to read through all the terms and be aware of what you are signing up for.

Some factors of Vella Visage skincare cream are reviewed by us in the following section, to help you decide if this is worth your money or not.

What does Vella Visage claim?

The sales page of Vella Visage contains quite a few impressive claims like the following:

  • Bringing a smoothening impact on the stubborn lines on your skin
  • Bringing back the radiance and firmness of your skin, making it look young
  • Improving your skin texture and making it look bright

These claims are great to read on paper; however, when it is not supported by valid facts and proofs, it loses its value. If you are looking to purchase an anti-ageing cream, you need to be sure that you read between the lines and understand more about the offers to make the right choice. You need to remember that these products don’t come cheap and hence it requires a lot of detailed research on your side to be sure that the claims are justified.

What Vella Visage is made of?

You can quickly decide whether a product is authentic and suitable for your skin or not, by checking the label or list of ingredients. If you are planning to follow the same approach with Vella Visage, you will be disappointed because there is absolutely no information about its ingredients and dosages. You are in no position to check if the claims made by the cream are true or not. In addition to the ambiguity surrounding the list of ingredients, there is a huge risk that comes with this product. It could contain some items that are hazardous to your skin. Do you believe that such a product is worth your money?

Pricing of Vella Visage

Vella Visage is available on a trial basis for 14 days. This doesn’t mean that you get the product free of cost. You need to pay the initial shipping fee of $5.95. After the 14th day, you will be charged with a hefty bill of $93.12, if you have not cancelled your subscription within this time. The only good thing about Vella Visage is that its terms don’t speak of an auto-ship policy. For all queries about this cream, you can call 888-248-0199 or send an email to [email protected]

Bottom Line

When a product doesn’t have any information about its ingredients, doesn’t support its claims with valid facts and comes with a trial offer that is combined with a hidden cost structure, your hard-earned money certainly doesn’t deserve that product. We would recommend you to look for better and more affordable alternatives to remove all symptoms of skin -ageing.


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Total scam. My order for the free trial was placed Sept 3rd. I received a message that my order was expected to arrive Sept.. 16. On Sept. 15th I left for vacation in a foreign country. When I returned my order was available at the post office on Sept. 27th. On Oct. 2nd charges for $93,12 and $87.41 werre posted to my charge card. I called the support line on Oct. 3rd and asked to have it removed. I was told they could not as i had 14 days to cancel. I was offered a 30% discount. I offered to return the unopened product and was refused. Then I was offered a 50% discount.. I asked for confirmation and Christina , the person I spoke with told me it would be sent later. I asked for and immediate email confirming our conversation but was told that and shipping back the product was not possible. i never saw any terms saying I had received a 30 day supple not the 14 day trial. I will protest this charge with my credit card company.


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I didn't even order this product. I order Hydralie face cream and the eyes cream was in the package with the face cream. I was billed $180 for both product. I call them and told them It didn't say anything about paying for the item after 14 days. She said because I received the item there was nothing she can do. I also told her that I would call my lawyer she said go ahead. Am going to get in touch with my bank to see if they can do anything. I can't afford that kind of money for something that doesn't even works.

Vella Visage is a SCAM

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It is a scam! I bought the eye cream with the face cream thinking it was a free sample just pay shipping, I recieved it and i put it on it seem to dry th tops of my eyes worse even making them dry and scaley and stopped using it. Imagine my suprise being charged 93.12 . I called and threw a fit I told them i didnt recieve the crap all they would give me is a 30% refund and that is because I threatened to sue their a**!!


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As others have listed, this product and others associated with it are a SCAM. I, too, have returned the associated product Pronto Skin Cream and called them three times. Each time, I was told a new lie about getting my money refunded. Now, I'm going through my financial institution to dispute the 3 separate charges on my credit card. This company needs to be shut down and if Shark Tank Lori Greiner is really associated with it, shame on you and help those who have been defrauded get their money back!


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Did not re-order, called my bank. Called Bella visage, not going going to refund. I want my money back.


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After seeing the FB post, I ordered this. It does not work!! I, too, had a debit of $93.12 from my checking account. I called them, sent repeated e mails, returned the product, etcand I never received the promised refund! I was lied to repeat- edly. I called my bank,and they got involved, and after 3 months, my bank sided with me and refunded my $$. They will continue to take action. Thus company must be SHUT DOWN!


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This is such a a scam I can't believe it. Got charge $93.12, $87.41 plus $29.95. Said I didn't read the entire listing. Nothing on the site I was on that said anything about calling within 14 days to cancel. Put me on hold to talk to the financial advisor came back and guess what only getting 35% back because I didn't read the guidelines. Said it was a scam and all she could say was I'm sorry if feel that way. Canceled my subscription and took the 35%. So disappointing. It should be a zero star but it wouldn't let me leave it blank.

total scam - be smarter than me

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So I was caught off guard while on Facebook one morning where I saw the claims of Vella Visage and their other products for wrinkles. I watched the video link and jumped to order my "free trial"...I got one email confirmation of the order shipment. The package arrived..so far so good...however there were no instructions, no phone number, no customer support email listed, just a plain packing slip - no prices, no nothing. 14 days later I received a charge to my credit card for over $200. Ok fine...I tried it and got caught up in general life so decided I will just keep what I have and move on. So 2 weeks later I receive a 2nd box and another charge to my credit card...I had to dig around online to find a phone number. Now I have to send the 2nd shipment back in order to get my refund. The "customer service" person swore that I would receive a refund if my order was sent back "on time" but I am not holding my breath. As for the products....I saw no spectacular results as the facebook video showed. I'll stick with my trusty products. Lesson learned.


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I did not see the fine print for the monthly autoship when I ordered the Risk Free Trial. I had not even opened the creams when I realized I had been charged to separate amounts for $93.12 and $87.41. I immediately called them to cancel the subscription and request a refund. They refused, were completely rude and then hung up on me when I ask to speak with a manager. I called back and was then told, if I send back the unopened containers I would received a full refund within 2 weeks, thats only after I explained I would make sure every person I know stays clear of this company. They assured me I would receive a refund so I immediately returned the unopened creams. Two weeks passed with no refund. I continued to email them for 3 months and I still have not received my refunds. I even returned unopened additional "free" product they sent me with the cream. It has now been almost 5 months and I have still not received a refund. One of the many emails. We appreciate your patience. The charges will be refunded once the products are received at our warehouse. You will receive a refund confirmation when this occurs. Regards, Vella Visage Support Team 1-888-248-0199 Email: [email protected]

SCAM with $180.53 charges

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Charges and NO PRODUCT. When I called -- I spoke to INDIA, and could NOT get him to understand me.....said charges would be reversed, but NO.... now I have been charged $93.12 + $87.41..TOTAL $180.53. They should be shot...I want my money back!!!!

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