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Vinetics C Skin Cream

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Vinetics C Skin Cream promises to be the ideal solution for you. It is a new anti-ageing beauty solution that claims to bring back the brightness and firmness on your face in the most natural way.

Promising claims, aren’t they? However, you should use your judgement and analyse factors like the cost, components and other features, so that you can check its authenticity.

Vinetics C Skin Cream

What does Vinetics C Skin Cream claim?

Vinetics C Skin Cream promises to deliver whole collagen molecules to your skin, making it look more bright and young. If you are looking for a natural rejuvenation in your skin, Vinetics promises you the following benefits:

  • Overall improvement in the tone, texture, brightness, firmness and immunity levels of the skin
  • Considerable improvement in the moisture content and hydration levels of the skin
  • Considerable reduction in the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, dark circles and other ageing spots
  • Removal of elements causing stress, breakage, sagginess and discoloration of skin
  • Considerable improvement in the skin’s potential to produce collagen and elastin

You might be thrilled to know that you would get these benefits without resorting to any costly surgical procedures or needles. This shouldn’t tempt you to believe these claims without any facts. Let us proceed to check the other features of this cream.

What does Vinetics C Skin Cream contain?

Vinetics C Skin Cream claims to use active ingredients to replenish, vitalize and moisturise one’s skin naturally. When we look at the cream’s website to know of its components, we didn’t find any information. We must admit that we are disappointed with the cream for not revealing its ingredients in spite of making tall claims.  The claims are not justified and readers are left with a lot of ambiguity regarding the authenticity and effectiveness of this cream.

Pricing of What does Vinetics C Skin Cream contain?

Vinetics C Skin Cream is available on a 17-day free evaluation trial. To try this, you need to pay $4.95 towards shipping charges. Ensure that you cancel your subscription within the trial period to avoid huge charges. If you don’t, your credit card will be charged $84.84 at the end of the 17th day towards full usage charges.  You are automatically part of the auto-ship policy of the cream as well. Therefore, once in every 30 days, you will continue to receive shipments of Vinetics, for you which you have to pay $84.84 + $4.95. To get rid of these exorbitant charges, you can send an email to support@premiumskincaretoday.com and cancel your subscription at the earliest.


Bottom Line

Vinetics C Skin Cream is one of those products that make tall claims but do nothing to justify these. We would never recommend this product for our readers because the cream doesn’t reveal its ingredients openly on its site. The ridiculous price structure and tricky auto-shipment terms make things worse for this cream.  Hence, we suggest you look for better and more effective products for the betterment of your skin.

Vinetics is a Scam

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Tried to cancel several times, unsuccessfully...so now I have 3 containers of Step 1. They would not refund my money. What a ripoff. The only thing I can do is use the stuff. Hopefully, my skin won't fall off!! This came to me as a reward for filling out a review of Costco. I checked with Costco and found out that Costco does not send out reviews by email. Don't fall for this scam.


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Do not order this product. They will keep sending you and charging you! There is no contact information!


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This product is a total scam. It does not work and they ripped me off for almost 200 dollars as i did not cancel my membership within the 14 day free sample period. Bank said i was out of luck. They hide the cancellation box. Total rip off!!!

What a load of crap!

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I'm so disgusted with this company right now. I ordered a trial of this product, they sent me the trial, no problem. I was not impressed with the product at all, so I had no plans to order this product in the future. A month later, I get another set of cream in the mail, along with $165 in charges to my account. I did not authorize these charges, I did not order this cream. I called customer service, and they refuse to refund my account since I did not cancel my enrollment in the monthly product plan. I never realized I was enrolling in a monthly plan or I would have NEVER ordered a trial of this product. I did NOT see the terms and conditions anywhere on this vague website, no one emailed me or let me know anything about the fact that another order was about to be shipped to me. What a scam! The only way that they're making money on this product is by screwing people over and cheating them out of their hard earned money. Shame on you!

Vinetics c is a SCAM

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Vinetics c company are unethical scamming liars. If you sign up for the "free trial" you will be charged $89 two weeks later when you don't *cancel your trial which by the way is not written anywhere during your purchase. It is under their hidden terms which they do not present to you when you purchase nor do you agree to the terms but when you call them, they will assure you that you did and they will refuse you your refund. If you don't believe me check out Better business bureau. Vinetics c has an F rating for the same consistent complaints I just told you about. They used to be called LAMOUR skin care which also has an (F" BBB rating) until they changed their name but continue to run the same scam. Stay away from this company!!!

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