Skinade Review – Best Beauty Drink Endorsed By Celebrity

Beauty drink like Skinade got immense popularity in the UK market as well as USA market. Even popular celebrities started using this collagen drink product as a daily routine for their younger-looking skin.

Customers who drank Skinade regularly saw amazing results and couldn’t believe that it is possible to have healthier skin simply by drinking. One even mentions that is “Gold in a bottle.”

What Is Skinade?

Skinade is an award-winning anti-aging drink also known as collagen drink which contains a total of six active ingredients. It is mango and peach flavored so it’s pleasant to drink. Skinade won several consecutive awards in 2013, 14, and 15 ever since its release into the market.

This product has not been developed by a businessman but leading scientists from the UK. The product contents has also been prepared perfectly to have the maximum benefit. It has the perfect liquid to active ingredients which made the product more advanced, effective and bio-available. Bio-available means more of its ingredients gets absorbed into the blood from stomach/intestine and exerts its action on skin.

As Seen On Media and Used By Celebrity

Skinade beauty products made it’s appearance on several beauty blogs, magazine and news site such as cosmopolitan, vogue, elle, huffington post, daily express, mail online etc.

The product is also being used by popualar celebrity like Millie Mackintosh, Kelly Osbourne, Stephanie Pratt, Gemma Atkinson, Donna Air.

Benefits Claim By Skinade

The site claims that upon completing full course of skin one would achieve:

  • better hydration of the skin
  • skin would restore it’s glow
  • fine lines and wrinkles would disappear
  • skin would get it’s suppleness
  • hair and nails would get healthier as well

Lots of claim but are these true? Read until the end.

Factors Leading To Aging

Before looking into ingredients and how Skinade works, it’s important to know how aging of skin occurs. The primary cause of aging is decrease of collagen as we grow old. Humans lose 1% collagen every year.

Collagen is the main structural protein which contributes strength and elasticity to the skin.


Less collagen means less strength and elasticity of the skin. As we become old, the fibroblasts cell inside the skin looses it’s ability to produce collagen. That’s why aging people have wrinkled skin due to less collagen.

Lack of collagen also leads to poor moisture and hydration of the skin leading to poor elasticity of the skin.

Ingredients in Skinade

The main active ingredient in Skinade is hydrolysed marine collagen. Other ingredients include:

Thiamine (vitamin B1),Riboflavin (vitamin B2),Niacinamide (vitamin B3),Pantothenic acid (vitamin B5),Pyridoxine (vitamin B6),Biotin (vitamin B7),Folic acid (vitamin B9),Cobalamin (vitamin B12),Vitamin C (as calcium ascorbate),Methylsuplhonylmethane,L-lysine,Flaxseed oil

How Skinade Works?

Skinade’s primary ingredient is high grade collagen in hydrolyzed form extracted from marine source. Upon drinking Skinade, the collagen gets absorbed into blood stream and stimulates production of fibroblasts. As a result, the increased number fibroblasts produces collagen leading to improved hydration, elasticity and strength of the skin.

What’s So Unique About Skinade?

Collagen can be found in other products as well. So one should consider buying Skinade? We know we can get collagen tablet or cream in the market. But the reality is collagen in tablet doesn’t get absorbed easily into the blood from stomach, also when applied to skin doesn’t penetrate at all because of it’s larger size!

The collagen in Skinade is unique from others. Collagen in usual form has high molecular weight and are not easily absorbed into the body. For this reason, Skinade delivers Collagen in hydrolysed form which is lower in molecular weight and the body can absorbs it easily. Because of good absorption rate, 1 bottle of Skinade can deliver about 7000 mg of collagen. In table forms, it means we have to take 20 large pills to have 7000 mg of collagen. Can you take 20 tablets a day? Impossible.

Now question is why Skinade extracted collagen from marine source such as fresh-water fish but now from cow, pig and there are couple for reasons for this. Collagen extracted from fish are low in sodium and less risk for mercury contamination. Also collagen from cow, pig are less similar to human collagen whereas marine collagen is more similar to human so allergic reaction is less common.

Scientific Studies On Skinade

Skinade included a clinical studies which can be accessed here

The experiment was conduced on total of 80 women and their demographics were the following:

  • French and Japanese
  • Age between 35 to 59

There were divided into group and each group were treated differently as follows:

  • One group was given 10g of collagen peptides orally
  • Other group was given placebo (placebo is nothing but an inert substance with no effect)

Both the group were in placed in a room with controlled environment for 20 minutes before the collection of data from women to ensure consistent and accurate results. The following factors were maintained constant:

  • same temperature
  • same level of humidity

If environment factors are not maintained at the same level or kept constant, then environmental factors would distort the result.

Result Summary:

Meausred AfterPeptides groupPlacebo groupRemarks
Skin Hydration8 weeksSkin hydration increased by 28%Skin hydration increased by about 5%Skinade helps in keeping the skin hydrated
Micro-relief furrows12 weeksMicro-relief furrows decreased by 26%Deep wrinkles increased by 30%Skinade helps in decreasing wrinkle

The data shows that Skinade works according to the claims made by the manufacturer. However, a study from 3rd party would confirm it’s true effectiveness as the study from manufacturer’s could be biased!

Is there any 3d party study? Yes there is. We found an individual study done by Lucy Partington, a beauty writer who writes on women’s magazine, cosmopolitan.

[ref]Lucy Partington Acting Beauty Writer[/ref]


In one of her post published in, she shared her experience of using Skinade for a month.

[ref]Here’s what drinking collagen every day for a month will do to your skin[/ref]

She tried the product and drank it for 30 days and visited Santi Skin Labs[ref][ref] in London to measure any changes in her skin with diagnostic tool.

This is what she found from skin readings:

Skin Hydration LevelIncreased by 30.5%
Skin ThicknessIncreased by 3.5%

She also noticed that her hair got thicker as well after 30 days.

What Others Are Saying About Skinade?

Reviews are fantastic from customers who had use the product. One user is so happy with the product the she is been using it for three years. Another user shared how Skinade works better that cleansers and helps to remove the acne and other skin spots.


Does Skinade Have Any Side Effects?

Most anti aging products have numerous side effects, one such product is Nerium. With Skinade, there are no side effects but rarely few may experience laxative or niacin rush effect.

As per the manufacturer, some may experience mild laxative detoxifying effect for 1st and 2nd day of drinking Skinade. This laxative detoxifying effect will go away after 2nd days.

Very few also may get Niacin rush which is reddening in some areas of the skin. This happens because Niacin (Vitamin B3) widens small capillaries resulting in increase blood flow to the skin. As a result of increased blood flow, nutrients get deliver to areas of the skin where circulation is poor. This reaction lasted for 20-60 minutes and is not an allergic reaction.

Though Niacin rush is harmless,  it can be minimized by drinking Skinade after meal or sipping Skinade throughout the day. Also, Niacin rush may not appear after continued use.


Skinade is one of the most promising and innovative anti aging product in the market. The report from clinical study done by manufacturer was positive and results from one month trial by a beauty blogger was positive as well. Beside clinical study, reviews are positive from Skinade users. Well known celebrities also revealed that drinking Skinade is a part of their daily routine. All these reasons conclude that Skinade is a good choice for woman looking to fight aging or wrinkled skin.

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