Best Gel Nail Models in 2021

The evolution from nail polish to gel nails has been swift and subtle, and many people are yet to get the hang of it. However, it is simple than it actually seems. Newbie’s to gel nails might find it hard to apply and remove the polish, as it involves some technique that with practice are easy to master. 

In recent times a woman’s nails are considered as her brand, and for them to project beauty, it’s not a must for one to use the nail polish. However, if not properly taken care of, nails could become an unaesthetic aspect precipitated by exfoliation or breakage; they may end up lacking brilliance and look brittle. 

The art of manicure has advanced with time. In the ’40s, women who painted their nails were deemed eccentric and sophisticated but not in today’s world as fashion has since evolved. Therefore, apart from good nail care, there are academies that offer manicure and pedicure training, after which you can offer professional manicure to others, too, perfecting in nail art. A thing that the best gels nail models of 2021 will help you achieve.

The Gel Manicure Designs 

The use of Gel in constructing nails first started in America, and a variety of models have been developed, maintaining the procedures, thus a simple process for women.

Trending Nail Models 

Wearing of the gel nails is already apparent in 2019, and because of this, there are varied trends concerning the procedures, as it is either about the nail shape of a person or the colors that they want to put on. Check out the latest nail models that are most likely to be the best polygel nail models of 2019.

1) Round Nails Gel Models

A person whose nails are prone to frequent breakage and have a problem keeping them attractive for a long time; the solution is gel nails. The round manicure projects beauty and feminity you; therefore, have the option of wearing the simple gel model or the sophisticated nail art. The round nails come at #1 among the list of the best gel nail models 2019.

2) Gel Model Square Nails 

The square nails overtook many women, as the shape bestows elegance to one’s nails, they are adequate for both long and thin fingers, accommodating the thicker fingers as well. The model tends to make fingers look long; however, be mindful as the square model breaks faster compared to the round model. It has thus retained its position as #2 among the list of the trending nail models.

3) Models on Short Natural Nails

Busy and active people rarely have time to get the gel nails; they can, therefore, choose to put the short natural nails as they are cool and come in a variety of different models and colors. This particular feature stands at the #3 position in the trending nail models list. 

4) French Nail Models

The French manicure doesn’t get old with time, which means that people have a number of alternatives as concerns this design of manicure. The options that exist are for colored French, not forgetting the glitter ones. Others are the stone French and the Gel French, which have the tendency of lasting longer. The model takes position #4 among the list of the best gel nail models 2019

Gel Application 

The application of gel polish consists of a number of steps that, if carefully followed, your nails will be sparkling in less than an hour. The process utilizes a number of equipments and cleaning agents such as alcohol and cotton balls, the gel polish, lotion for the cuticles, a clear top and base coat. And a hand cream to keep the hands moisturized and looking supple after application as it resonates with the gel polished nails.  

The process of preparing the nails for gel application is a bit complex, and you will first have to file and buff your nails to get the desired shape and then remove the cuticles using the cuticle remover. Now clean your nails and ensure that they are dry for the polish to adhere nicely, and then use cotton balls with alcohol, to clear the extra debris in the areas around the cuticle and your fingers front side corners.  

You will then apply lotion to your cuticle and the sides of the nails; however, if you are getting your gel polish from the salon or the nail bar, they will probably use an Aquaphor, which works the same as the lotion. The main reason for applying the lotion is so that it becomes easy to take off any extra gel polish that might stick on your fingers.

The base coat will go fast, and here make sure you get a very thin layer and let it dry using double the recommended time. The color gel goes next at least two layers after the base coat is dried up, paint the tips of the nails to prevent the Gel from curling up, and then use the UV lamp to cure each of the layers for about 3 minutes.

The last coat will be the top Gel, and you will repeat the same procedure by coating your nails completely, remember to paint the tips of your nails to prevent rollover. Put them back in the UV light for 3minutes, it is advisable to remove the sticky layer that is left by some of the gel methods, and an isopropyl alcohol cotton ball will do the magic. 

The final step involves the application of the cuticle oil on the skin in the areas at the base of the nails, and you can then moisturize your hands with hand cream for a perfect finish. 

Gel Removal

This is the tricky part, but you will see it is a simple process; first, you will remove the top layer by filing it off and then use cotton balls soaked in acetone to cover the nails. Wrap a thin layer of foil around the cotton fingers, and after 15 minutes, take them off. Finish by applying cuticle oil at the base of the nails, and if by chance the nails look rough, use the cuticle oil at the surface of the nails and a nail buffer to buff them. 

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