Developing a Beauty Routine That Works

 Beauty Doesn’t Have to Be Painful, but It Can Be Practical

With so much to do, and so little time, women who wear makeup often have to go through a “routine” each day to getting “made up.” With the changes and advances in cosmetics, corners can be cut and time can be saved. No longer are hours spent in front of the mirror to get the hottest most glamorous look. It no longer takes a tremendous amount of time to artfully apply foundation to the face. Today’s makeup allows fast application with picture-perfect results.

Tools and Color

The best way to start developing a beauty routine is to figure out which cosmetics are routinely used (foundation, blush, lipstick, eyeshadow) and then purchase the right tools to apply the cosmetics to the face. Start thinking about colors and which ones are traditionally used for daily work or play routine. According to International Makeup Artist for Estee Lauder, Alan Pan believes a foundation brush and an inspiration for color are two essential things in a beauty routine.

Categories for Colors

Figuring out base coloring is very important. Colors can fall into two categories: warm or cool. Warm colors include deep peaches, reds, burgundies, and browns and cater to people with warm skin tones and darker hair. Cool colors include light pinks, fuschia, lavender, and blue or green and provide to people with lighter skin tones and blondes. Deciding which category best fits is key to buying the right cosmetic colors and shades.

Keeping Up with Trends

Makeup is an area where trends are always coming and going. There is a micro-makeup that is more blendable and has better coverage quality. It often provides a seamless look with ultra-fine texture. Then there is makeup containing a variety of vitamins and minerals that are supposedly considered less abrasive and kinder to the skin, according to many dermatologists. This may include mineral or “healthy” makeup, which is very popular and growing in demand.
A matter of personal preference is something to take into consideration, too. When considering foundation, the makeup that coats the base or palette of the face, one may want to choose a liquid makeup over a mineral makeup as more moisture and coverage may be required. Also, depending on what season it is, lighter makeup, such as mineral makeup, may be better suited for warmer temperatures as it does not quickly melt off and is very light.

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