Top Five Beauty Tips for Fall

It cannot be denied; fashion styles are more seductive in autumn. Brilliant reds, golds, and earth tones are everywhere, stylish yet cozy trends that can be quite flattering.

The same must be said for makeup and hairstyle trends. Attractive brilliant colors to complement the fashion styles but to wear them well require well-pampered skin, hair, body, and nails.

Get a Luminous Start this Fall by Starting from Within

Start with a healthy diet. Not a calorie-counting, have-to-lose-weight-diet but simply eat healthy this month. Stay away from fast food, junk food, and everything in between. Eat simple meals made from scratch; eat plenty of fruit, nuts, and yogurt, drink lots of water. The goal is to rid the body of additives and fats that upset the skin and weaken hair and nails.

Reward Healthy Diet Efforts with a Professional Facial

After being good for a month, a beauty treatment is in order. Make an appointment at the day spa for a facial treatment. A European Facial would be ideal, and it consists of a face massage, steam, deep pore cleansing, exfoliation, face mask, and eye treatment. The results, refined skin tone, clear complexion, and bright looking skin: a blank canvas for the new season’s makeup color trends.

Results of a Healthy Diet Also Reflect on the Hair

By now, hair should be shiny and manageable, but the abuse of summer and/or fading hair color and chlorine tones are hiding the luster. A deep conditioning treatment should get rid of all the damage and prepare hair for the new autumn shades, a trendy hair cut or style. A deep conditioning treatment can be done at a hair salon, but home treatments are also quite effective. For ideas, read Hair Products – Conditioning Treatments.

Stylish Autumn Trends Feel Better on a Pampered Body

Dry, flaky skin, rough elbows, and knees do not mix well with soft cashmere and other delicate materials. A good body treatment that includes exfoliation detoxing and nourishing will get that body as soft and smooth as the most delicate fabric. Start with a scrub, follow with a body wrap, and finalize with a rich moisturizing body cream. This treatment is easily done at home with some simple recipes or products for ideas read Body Treatments – How to Get Great Looking Skin.

Manicure and Pedicure, the Icing on the Apple Pie

Who can resist the new shades of autumn? Magnificent colors everywhere. First, make sure to exfoliate your hands and feet. Get rid of any rough patches, cut and file nails, push cuticles back, and then launch into nail colors.

The new, the magic nail colors are: Les Khakis De Chanel, fabulous colors introduced during Fashion’s Night Out, or try OPI Designer Series for Fall with colors like DS mystery, DS Glow, or DS jewel, irresistible. Also, try Essie; the fall collection includes Merino Cool, Little Brown Dress, and In Stitches, incredibly delicious shades.

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