Do It Yourself (DIY) Facial At Home!

It is not possible to easily cleanse the dirt and sebum which are accumulated inside the pore. The trapped dirt and excess oil built up inside the pores may combine together and produce whiteheads and blackheads. Moreover after a certain age, to keep on retaining the youthful complexion of skin one needs extra nourishments. For all these facial massages can provide some meaningful solutions.

Getting a facial at least once a week is quite beneficial to your skin. However, if it’s not possible then one must go for a facial at least once a month.

Rules for at-home facial


Before going for your facial it is advisable to wear a long-neckline dress. Pull your hair back from your face and tie it into a ponytail so that the forehead is completely exposed. Take a small dollop of lotion and massage it into your face, neck, and shoulder. You will be freshening up your skin right after the cleansing step. Soak a piece of cotton in water and squeeze out the excess water out of it. Now drop 5-6 droplets of freshener onto the cotton pad. Rub the cotton pad gently all over your face, neck, and shoulder. While freshening up your skin, consider using a skin Toner or Skin Tonic depending upon your skin combination. Next, apply moisturizing lotion generously all over your skin. Wash off your face with Luke warm water just after 5 minutes.

Step -2:

Now, it’s time to apply Face Packs. In this case, you should select the face pack according to your skin.

For normal skin types, one can use Fuller’s Earth Mask, Sandalwood masks, face packs made from carrots and honey olive oil and egg face pack, flour and carrot face pack, gram and honey face packs. For oily skin type one should opt for Oatmeal mask, Honey mask, cucumber and egg face packs, flour and honey face packs, apple and honey face packs, etc. If its dry skin then you may choose milk and flour face pack, skimmed milk and honey face pack, flour and the mask or face pack and honey face pack, skimmed milk and nut oil face packs, etc. Both Masks and face packs are almost similar to each other. The difference between the two of them is that the mask is one sort of a paste or mixture already done by mixing various ingredients together. One has to apply a thick layer of the mask directly on the face. The face pack is made of different ingredients from different items.

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Step 3:

After applying mask one may notice it getting dry a lot quicker and very soon a thick hard crust of layer is formed on the skin. Compared to masks, face packs dries up much slowly. One must be careful while applying these masks and face packs at home. For Example, the water needed for preparing the mask or face pack should be boiled for 10 minutes and then cooled down. For using the mask or face pack only glass or ceramic containers should be used. For mixing the ingredients plastic or wooden spoons can be used. Do not talk after applying the mask or face pack. Take a rest by closing your eyes for 20 minutes.  During this time place two slices of cucumber on your eye lids. After 20 minutes, wash off your face first with Luke water and then with cold water.

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