Some Harmful Ingredients Used In Skin Lightening Products

Do you want to get a fairer skin tone? Well then, this article is for you.

Almost all of us have seen that particular racist skin whitening add claiming that white skin is the key to success. Despite of these fairness products creating racism, still today we are upset with our skin tone and complexion. Moreover sometimes others will also go to the extent of making fun of darker skin tone and end up in smothering skin lightening cream all over their own face dreaming and wishing for a fairer complexion themselves.

I am not saying that you should be blamed for asking to stay beautiful.  In fact it is your right to keep yourself healthy and beautiful. But what makes me feel bad and disappointed at certain times is when I see a modern, intelligent and highly educated reader pondering upon some age-old questions. The questions sound something like this:

‘‘My skin is getting darker. Do you know if (name of the skin lightening cream) cream works?? One of my relatives had a drastic change in her skin color just by using it only for a month.  I have also bought it. Please let me know if it’s good or not…’’

How do I answer such type of questions? In such type of cases described above the reader is herself the witness of someone becoming exceedingly fair just within a month. According to them there is nothing to be concerned about the fact- if whether the ingredients used in these types of creams are listed on the bottle or not and neither does it matter if the cream itself has any sort of name or label on it or not. Moreover, from their childhood they might have even repeatedly heard that the ingredients used in such skin lightening creams may cause skin cancer. In spite of all these, for the sake of gaining that ‘exceedingly fair’ skin tone she must have had bought such type of skin lightening product. Now what is the point of asking me such type of questions after buying it? Since, it is a known thing that she is determined to use the cream at any cost.

Actually, I was myself a bit disturbed when I sat down to write today and as such the introductory part got a bit lengthy. The purpose of writing today is mainly to make my readers briefly acknowledge the key ingredients which are used in the skin lightening products. I could have told you to read the ingredient and label of the skin lightening product yourself before purchasing them. But, I know most of us don’t have that much patience to read the list while buying. However if you are still obsessed to apply that skin whitening cream out of the small box which turned your neighbor’s complexion into flawlessly milky white just by using it for a week then please read the following points before jumping to any conclusion-

The following ingredients are the key ingredients used in the skin lightening products found in the sub-continent market:

1. Mercury:

Mercury is considered as a strong and effective whitening agent. It whitens and lightens the skin tone immediately. Those who die from mercury-poisoning get a chalk-white skin tone at the time of their death. And as such this must be the reason of this harmful ingredient being readily available on almost all skin-whitening products.

  • The use of Mercury for skin whitening goes back to the time of Victorian Era of England when richer and whiter women used to pursue porcelain white skin. They would put huge quantities of skin products with mercury as their active ingredients. Prolonged use of these mercury-based products for 30 to 40 years did give them their desired porcelain white skin complexion but at the cost of potential dangers and eventually leading them to death.
  • With regular application of mercury the skin tone gradually becomes whiter and lighter and simultaneously it also gradually damages the liver and kidney.

2. Hydroquinone:

  • Hydroquinone is one the most effective bleaching agent.  It is usually used in the skin lightening creams and happens to be used in some of the most popular (better not mention the name) fairness creams.
  • With regular application of it the skin becomes thinner and lighter and also becomes more sensitive.
  • Using excess amount of it for a prolonged period of time will permanently damage the ligaments, tendon and condition of the skin.

3. Steroids:

  • Steroids happen to be the staple ingredients in most of the fairness products. It whitens the skin complexion almost instantly. Thereby you must already understand how a person can change her dark skin complexion to milky white just within a week.
  • Using the cosmetics which contains steroids hampers the natural production of steroids inside the body.
  • Moreover it also creates hormonal imbalance, cystic acne problems, allergies, spots and other such serious skin related problems.
  • Adding to all these problems if one stops using the steroid-based product after a time being the complexion of skin becomes darker.

Some safe ingredients which actually works better to remove the sun-burnt patch and skin discoloration:

Getting rid of skin discoloration and sun tan is completely different from bleaching your skin to white. In this case you must know that you cannot change your by-born skin complexion. Here a list of such safe and natural ingredients that helps in removing the sun tan and skin discoloration.

1. Vitamin C:

  • Vitamin C is used as Ascorbic acid in the skin care cosmetics. The time to achieve a change in complexion depends on what percentage of vitamin C is used in the product.
  • If more than 10% of Vitamin C is used in the product then only can the skin cells achieve the desirable speed of turnover and thereby the vitamin c removes the sun tan and certain discolorations caused by sun exposure.
  • It also increases the percentage of collagen in skin and helps in reducing the wrinkles and fine lines.

2. Vitamin A:

  • It is used by the name of Retinol in the skin care products. Almost all the renowned dermatologists suggest using retinol for those who are suffering from acne or skin wrinkling problems.
  • It also helps in getting rid of hyper pigmentation.

3. Arbutin:

  • It is the safe alternative to Hydroquinone. However, it is not used in the skin care products due to the high cost associated with it.
  • By regularly using the correct amount of it one can easily get rid of skin discoloration or pigmentation caused by sun exposures.
  • Arbutin is a popular ingredient in some of the best known branded cosmetics.

4. Alpha Hydroxyl Acid:

  • Alpha Hydroxyl Acid is found in fruits such as oranges and lemons and in skin care products it is often listed as triple fruit acid, glycolic acid, tartaric acid or such other similar names.
  • Alpha Hydroxyl Acid or AHA helps to inhibit melanin formation and reduces discoloration caused by sun exposure.
  • Well, by now you must have understood the benefits of using lemon for lightening the skin tone.

Thus, I did my best to provide you a brief understanding of the key ingredients used in the fairness cream by which your next door neighbor might have achieved her whitening complexion within a week. However at the end, I would also like to tell you only this much that –

After all why shouldn’t you be beautiful? Of course you have the right to be beautiful. But do keep your eyes and ear open and always stay concerned about the ingredients used in your skin care product. By the time you are reading this article you must have the access to internet and that happens to be an advantage for you. In this situation, if you still blindly believe in whatever any one claim regarding their complexion without any proper justification then the era of the racist banned fairness products is yet to end.  Side by side some of our dreams and aspirations to gain the fairer complexion will also stay unachieved.

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