What Is Fine Lines And What Are The Ways To Get Rid From Fine Lines?

In simpler sentence, fine lines are the shallow folds and creases on our skin which gives out telltale signs of aging. With the aging process one type of protein in our body called, Collagen which is one of the active ingredients in keeping our skin firmer and tighter also decreases.

As a result, skin starts getting thinner and fragile as we get older. The elasticity of our skin is provided by Elastin which also helps to keep our skin stay moisturized. As we grow older collagen and elastin production also decreases. Loss of collagen in the skin and reduction in the skin’s leads to drier skin with tired appearance and wrinkles, creases and lines on the skin or Fine Lines starts appearing.

However, Skin wrinkles are not formed only due to aging process. Sickness, environmental factors such as smoking, unhealthy diets and haphazard lifestyle can accelerate the appearance of skin wrinkling.

  1. Who suffer most from Skin Wrinkles?

Wrinkle line and creases around the corners of lips and at certain parts of face tends to appear more on women compared to men. The fine lines around both the corners of lips are known as perioral wrinkle. During a research done on Netherland, it was found that men tend to have much more sweat glands around their lips and their mouth has much more increased blood circulation. As a result, men tend to have lesser wrinkle lines around lips than that of women.

2. Primary Cause of Wrinkle Lines :

Many think that the basic cause of wrinkle is the aging process. As if, with the increase in age only skin wrinkles get affected. But this is a wrong concept. The basic causes of skin wrinkle are the sun damage from the dangerous exposure to UC rays. To get rid of skin wrinkles such a sunscreen must be used which has at least SPF 30 to save the skin from UVA and UVB

3. When should you start to get concerned?

Most of the people assume that wrinkles will be appearing after the age 30 and they plan accordingly. But this one also is a wrong misconception.  One should start to take preventive measure from the age of 20. This advice is specifically for the ladies. Using sunscreen is the best anti-aging treatment, so from the very age of 20 one should start using retinoids and topical antioxidants

4. Repeated facial expressions

Squinting eyes while looking at anything, raising eyebrows, frowning with forehead and frequently laughing along with making various facial expressions causes fine lines and wrinkles on skin. Some engage themselves in several facial exercises without properly understanding it. But these types of exercises should not be performed without the proper suggestions from the specialists.    Maybe to make you appear younger you are rather doing the opposite and welcoming the skin wrinkles yourself.

5. Which Products should you use?

You should be using those products which have retiniods, alpha-hydroxyl acids, azelaic acid. These products help in fighting with skin wrinkles. Among these, alpha-hydroxyl is a natural based acid

6. Age spot:

Age spot cannot be ignored. Be aware if you notice age spots at any part of the body because, age spot is one of the symptoms of cancer. See a dermatologists if you notice any slight change in your skin.

Non-cancerous spots can usually be lightened with products containing skin-bleach.

7. Use a Moisturizer :

Use moisturizer if you notice skin wrinkling lines. Moisturizers protect your skin from getting dry and fewer wrinkles is formed when skin is less dry. But always use good branded products.

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8. Wrong conceptions:

This is wrong idea that skin wrinkles occur when there is strong sunlight outside.  Always use sunscreen while getting outside during the daytime. Even the UV rays from sun get inside the glass windows of private cars. AS such, always use sunscreen when getting out of the home.

9. Not removing the makeup properly :

After using the makeup it is also necessary to remove it properly. Because if any of the makeup products stay in your skin while going to bed, it may cause harm to your skin.

Make up effects the pores and collagen and thereby destroy the vitality of your skin. As such cleansing the skin properly so that no makeup residue is left on skin and in this properly cleansing the skin keeps it away from forming skin wrinkles.

  1. Drowning the face while putting on makeup :

During the time of putting make up frequent drowning and rubbing on excess makeup products causes wrinkle formation on the skin. As such to avoid wrinkles or fine lines, one must be requiring little makeup.

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TIPS On How to Get Rid of Fine lines:

The ingredient that can reduce skin wrinkle is called antioxidants. As such, to get rid of skin wrinkles you will have to select such types of food which contain antioxidants properties in it. Following is the list of such types of food:

  • Make a habit of eating raw fruits. Antioxidants are present in Keratin enriched foods. Such as – ripe bananas, ripe papayas, ripe guavas, red watermelon, pomegranate, etc. Choose the colorful fruits enriched with Keratin.
  • Antioxidant is also present in vegetables and green leaves. We have a list of common vegetables which contains antioxidants; such as – tomato and watermelon.  To keep on having healthy skin and to retain its vitality vegetables and green leaves are invaluable medicines.
  • Try to have coconut water instead of soft drinks. Coconut water helps in retaining the youthfulness of skin. Vitamin C and E along with Omega-3 and Fatty acid is present in it.
  • Drink milk and eat the dairy product. For example – curds, cheese, etc. Eggs must also be present in the dietary list.
  • Eat a lot of Vitamin – C enriched foods Our body is constantly losing its vitality and the change on our age I due to oxidation. There is a huge amount of antioxidants in Vitamin C which helps in strengthening the cells. Lemons, Green chilies and bitter tasted almost most of the fruits are a good source of Vitamin C.
  • Have nuts daily. Walnuts, Chestnuts, Almond, Pistachio are very useful for fighting with skin wrinkling process. These are enriched with Vitamin E and helps in keeping the skin firm and strong.
  • The good properties for fighting skin wrinkles are also found in grapes, blueberries, etc.
  • One of the most well-known sources to get an antioxidant property is green tea. Have at least 2 cups of green tea daily.
  • It is good to drink Aloe Vera juice in the morning with an empty stomach. This helps in reducing the skin folds.
  • Vitamin E is also present in Sesame and Sunflower seeds, In taking it regularly will give you benefits.
  • Eat plenty of fishes instead of meat items.

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