5 Best Polygel Nail Kit – Without Doubt

With the brutal winter peeking over the horizon, it’s time to pamper (and cover up) those brittle nails with the best polygel nail kit. 

If you still haven’t heard of them (Were you hibernating in the Himalayas?), Polygel is a hybrid of acrylic and hard gel that was originally created by Haile.  

These kits take the best of both worlds and convert it into an affordable product that’s ridiculously easy to apply. Think of it like a lighter, stronger and safer version of acrylic. However, just like everything else in the cosmetic industry, polygel has just taken off from nowhere. 

Suddenly, there’s this huge influx of brands toting their polygel kits at you. Goes without saying that not all the kits are made equal. Makes you feel like deer in the headlights, doesn’t it? Which one do you pick without burning your fingers? (No pun intended)

Fret not! That’s where we step in. 

Table of Contents:

The Best 5 Polygel Nail Kits

We’ve been dabbling with the best polygel nail kits ever since their inception. And we’ve handpicked the best of the lot for you. 

Sit back and enjoy the read.


Modelones Poly Nail Gel KitBest Overall

Modelones Poly Nail Gel Kit 30ml 2PCS With Slip Solution Extension Builder Enhancement Professional Starter Kit All-in-One Nail Technician French...

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Last update was on: September 27, 2023 1:54 am
$17.99 $29.99
  • All-in-one nail extension kit
  • 120 forms in different sizes, 6 colors, 30 ml slip solution
  • Easy to apply, cures in less than an hour with an LED lamp
  • Great value
  • Perfect for beginners to polygel
  • None

This all-in-one nail extension kit from Modelones comes with everything you need to create salon-grade nail extensions at home. 

There’s a set of 120 dual-forms in 12-different sizes, a 30ml bottle of slip solution, Polygel in 6 shades of which, 1 changes color when exposed to temperature fluctuations, a dual ended nail brush and spatula, glitter dust, decoration diamonds and some neat extras. 

The 15ml slip solution might not seem like much when you look at the bottle. But only a wee bit is needed to form the extension. So a single bottle should last you for weeks if not more. 

The brush makes it extremely easy to apply, even for rank beginners. 

The only thing that you need to keep in mind is that the polygel has a slightly sticky consistency. But you only need a thin layer. Do not apply more than what’s needed. 

Also, do not skimp on the base coat. You might have to redo it if you cut corners.

We are pretty sure that the results will leave you absolutely stoked.

Moreover, since it only lasts for a couple of weeks (in normal circumstances), you can always redo it with a new color, unlike acrylic which seems to stay on forever. 

The only thing that you’ll need to buy separately is a UV lamp or an LED lamp for curing the gel. It takes around 45 minutes to cure under an LED lamp and just 2-mins under a UV lamp. 

Oh, and a nail drill machine if you are looking to save time. 

To think of it, this entire kit costs less than a manicure at a salon. Go figure. 


Makartt P-01 Poly Nail Gel KitRunner-Up

Makartt 6pcs Poly Nail Gel Kit- 15ml Nude Color Nail Extension Kit with Slip Solution Base Top Coat,Builder Nail Gel...

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Last update was on: September 27, 2023 1:54 am
  • Complete kit with 6 tubes of polygel, primer coat, top coat, brush and file
  • Easy to apply
  • Natural colors in this French kit
  • They also have a rainbow color kit with bright colors and a glitter kit
  • Tubes are a little small 
  • Does not contain slip solution (Not necessarily a con)

The French nail gel kit from Makartt, pretty much ticks all the right boxes. 

It contains 6 x 15ml tubes of polygel in different, natural colors ranging from translucent to opaque, one 8ml bottle of base coat and top coat each, 60 dual forms in 12 sizes, a nail brush, a file and a spatula. 

Pretty detailed. But not as extensive as our #1 pick, the Modelones kit which also includes a slip solution. 

There’s an easy workaround though. Just use 70% Isopropyl alcohol as an alternative to the slip solution. 

It works perfectly well. Don’t get hung up over the slip solution as a be-all, end-all. 

Just like the other best polygel kits in this list, this one is extremely easy to apply. 

Just prime the nails with the base coat (and some dehydrator if need be), put on the dual forms of your choice, apply the gel on the form, cure it, remove and fine tune the shape. 

The polygel is a little sticky and thick. So you will need to prep the nails well. On a positive note, this means that it’s less likely to move around until the nails are formed. 

Even if this is your first attempt at polygel, you should be able to form incredibly good extensions with this kit. 

The only possible gripe that we have with it is that the tubes are very small. But that’s subjective, isn’t it? 

Some customers have used it to make 4 full nail sets four times. Isn’t that a lot cheaper than getting them professionally done? 


Modelones Poly Nail Gel Kit With Luxurious ColorsAffordable Luxury

Modelones Poly Nail Gel Kit - Nail Extension Gel Kit Nail Enhancement Builder Gel Kit with 7 Luxurious Colors Quick...

Last update was on: September 27, 2023 1:54 am
  • All-in-one polygel kit with 7 luxurious colors
  • Top and base coats
  • Storage box included
  • No slip coat

If muted shades and natural colors don’t catch your fancy, then here’s one from Modelones with 7 bright and luxurious colored polygels.

There’s clear or translucent for the bold ones, pearl white for the classic look, three incrementally darkening shades of pink, one deep nude (which is a darker shade of golden) and an apricot shade.

Should keep you covered for all occasions. 

The kit also includes 10ml bottles of top and base coat. Surprisingly, this kit does not come with the slip. 

But you already know the workaround to it, don’t you? 

Everything comes neatly packaged in a storage box so that you don’t accidentally misplace anything.

For the price, this is an unbelievably good deal. 


Gershion Poly Nail Gel KitValue For Money

Gershion Poly Nail Gel Kit 30ml Nail Builder Gel Extension Nail Gel Kit Trendy Nail Art French Professional Technician Nail...

Last update was on: September 27, 2023 1:54 am
  • All-inclusive polygel kit
  • 30 ml tubes of polygel in 6 colors
  • Base coat, top coat, nail file and spatula
  • Right consistency for easy application
  • Great value
  • Doesn’t include a slip

A lot of beginners overestimate the amount of gel that they would need to form the extensions at first. 

This results in wastage. In fact, it’s not uncommon for some users to run out of their gel tubes by the time they get a hang of things.

This amazing nail gel kit from Gershion comes with 30ml tubes of polygel in 6 colors. 

There’s no way you are running out of gel with this one. 

The colors range from translucent to bean red, which covers all of the popular ones mainly used in salons. 

Perfect for a French manicure at home. At the same time, the darker ones can be worn alone without batting an eyelid. 

The kit also includes 2 X 8ml bottles of base and top coats, a nail file, a brush/spatula and 60 pieces of dual forms. 

The gel isn’t too runny. But it isn’t overly thick either. Just the right consistency for easy application for first timers. 

It cures within 60 minutes under an LED lamp and has a nice flex to it once it hardens. So, this shouldn’t break off or get damaged easily.  

There’s no slip included in the kit though. Also, you’ll need to buy a 48 watt LED lamp if you are looking at curing the nails fast. 


SEXY MIX Poly Nail Gel KitFeel Sexy Again

SEXY MIX Poly Nail Gel Kit,Nail Extension Builder Gel Nail Starter Kit with 6 Glitter Powder,Dried Flowers,Nail Diamond,Striping Tape Lines,Slip...

Last update was on: September 27, 2023 1:54 am
  • Budget-priced polygel nail kit
  • Includes everything you need to make attractive extensions
  • Bunch of extras including flowers, strips and diamonds for nail art
  • Polygel with the perfect consistency
  • Cures fast
  • Includes slip solution
  • Just 3 shades of polygel as opposed to other brands which come with 6

This poly nail gel kit from Sexy Mix comes with a whole bunch of nail goodies at an unbeatable price. 

There are 3 x 15ml bottles of Polygel, a 15ml bottle of slip solution, 7ml bottles of top and base coats, 36 dual forms, a horseshoe-styled extension, 24 dried nail flowers, 6 x glitter powder, nail diamonds in 12 colors, 10 tape lines for striping and 1 tweezer. 

That’s pretty much everything you need to make amazing nail art extensions at home. 

The polygel is the easiest to work with among all the other brands in this list. Cures fast and hardens to form a lightweight extension. Perfect to wear everyday while you go about your chores. 

Ditto with the flowers and the rest of the art accouterments. 

They do seem a little overwhelming at first. But the detailed instruction manual just grabs your hands and walks you through the whole process. Read it. 

The only possible flaw that we could find with the kit is that there are only 3 polygel tubes as opposed to 6, which is the norm. Also, there are just 36 dual forms as opposed to say, 60. 

But there are enough extras in the kit to make up for that. Also, don’t forget that the tubes are 15ml each while most brands give you only 6-8ml at best. 

Best Polygel Nail Kit Buying Guide

If you dig nail extensions, then chances are that you’ve heard or read about polygel nail extensions. 

Or you’ve seen one of those amazing before and after nail transformations on the gram, which the influencer claims, was done from the cozy confines of her home. 

Only, you don’t have the faintest idea how it works. And you’ve shopped pig in the poke once too often to do it again. 

You’re not alone’ (Robotic voice) ~ Captain Zod 

Despite fast becoming the latest viral trend, Polygel is still the new kid on the block

So don’t beat yourself up if you aren’t up to date with information on how to use them or how to shop for them.

Here’s a brief buying guide that covers the basics of what to look for while shopping for an all-inclusive polygel nail extension kit.

The Contents Of The Kit

A lot of products advertised as all-inclusive kits do not really include everything you need to make a fine set of nail extensions. 

None of the kits include an LED lamp for example, which is a prerequisite for curing the extensions. 

So pay attention to what comes with the package. 

How many sets of dual nail forms are included? Does it come with a slip solution? 

If no, then you will need to buy some 91% Isopropyl Alcohol to prep the nails. 

How many tubes of polygel are included? 

What’s the volume of the tubes? This will determine how many refills you will be able to get out of each kit. 

Do they include a file in it? What about refills? Can they be bought separately? 

Consistency Of The Polygel

If this is the first time you are working with polygel, then you will realize that there’s a learning curve to it. 

Nothing that cannot be learnt with some practice though.

However, it is important that the gel you buy is the right consistency, since it does not self-level like hard gel. It pretty much stays right where you apply it.

If the consistency is overly thick, then you will have a tough time shaping it up. If it’s too runny, you will be chasing gel all over the place.

Thankfully, it does not release toxic fumes or damage your nails. 

All the nail kits that we’ve selected have gels that are easy to work with. None of them are too runny and definitely not gooey either. You can’t go wrong with these. 

The Shades

Many a time, users select the best polygel nail kit without checking the colors and shades of the gel included in it. 

And then a week or two later, they get bored of the muted shade, or the clear one and yearn for something darker. 

So, check the shades, will you?

We have included kits that come with some really amazing colors. 

If these aren’t enough, you can check out the Makarrt Rainbow Color kit over here. Or, here’s a kit of Gel Polish that can be applied on the top coat to customize the shade.

Here are some quick tips that will help you get these extensions right in the first go itself. 

Tips For Beginners To Get Your Polygel Nail Extensions Right 

  • Read the instructions multiple times. No matter how easy it looks like on YouTube, spend some time reading the instructions that come with the kit. 
  • Polygel can be applied on your natural nails as an overlay, on tips as an overlay, or applied over a form. All the kits come with forms in different sizes. But you can always choose one of the other methods of application, if that’s what you prefer. 
  • Spend time in nail prep. File the nails, use a dehydrator, isopropyl alcohol more than 70%, or the slip solution that comes with the kit to prep it. 
  • Apply the base coat to ensure that it adheres properly.
  • Go slow while applying the polygel. 
  • Thin the polygel near the base as this will prevent it from lifting up as the cuticle grows. 
  • Cure it with an LED lamp. You will need to buy this separately. 
  • Polygel needs to be filed and buffed off. Not soaked. If there are remnants of the polygel after filing, you can soak it off. 

Closing Thoughts

That’s it ladies. That sums up our list of the best polygel nail kits. We hope that you found it informative and are able to narrow down on a kit of your choice from this list. 

If you have anything to add to this, please write to us in the comments box. We’d love to hear from you. 

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