Bella Vous Revitalising Moisturiser

Bella Vous Revitalising Moisturiser serum self- proclaims that this is the best alternative to Botox. Botox has been in the markets for many decades now and is the first choice for women who are desperately trying to keep age off their personality and want to look as young and radiant as they once were.

If this Bella Vous Revitalising Moisturiser cream is challenging the age-old Botox, then that very fact gives us hope that the product must be really good.

But it remains to be seen if there is any truth behind the claims and if indeed is as strong and effective as it claims.

How does Bella Vous Revitalising Moisturiser help?

The product seems to be an easy and painless way to youth radiance as compared to Botox because there is no need for injections and it just takes the application of the cream to have the same effect. So here is what the Bella Vous Revitalising Moisturiser cream says it will do – increase the hydration of the skin to the tune of 84 % and thereby contribute to the improvement in making the skin a little more elastic, almost to 73%. This already leaves the skin glowing and also the product also claims to improve the wrinkles and the fine lines as well as dark circles.

What does Bella Vous Revitalising Moisturiser contain

We are sure to be heartbroken when we see the section that contains the details on what the cream is made of. This information is important for users who are buying this Bella Vous Revitalising Moisturiser cream product to be applied on their face. There is a good chance most users have allergies, and there is no way they can choose the product based on the contents. It must have been a better idea to put up some information, as this would have increased the reasons to buy the product. How much ever we may like, this info is absent and is negative.

Hidden truth behind the costs of Bella Vous Revitalising Moisturiser

Things look nice and rosy when you look at the shipment charges of $4.95 for your trial order. This is not your final charge, though. You have to realise they have the card details and right at the end of the 18 days of your trial offer, they will charge $98.79. To add fuel to the fire, they will continue these shipments until you explicitly cancel the order.

The result

The result of the purchase of the Bella Vous Revitalising Moisturiser cream product is something which we cannot have two opinions. It is a big and strict no, because of both the information on the pack of ingredients, as well as the exorbitant cost. We see no reason to buy a $98.79 cream for which there are no proven results and which might bring you harm as well. So, it is better not to go in for this offer, and in case there is a need to buy something, then go in for a different product.

Who to call

In case the free trial is not cancelled, then the auto shipments will continue, so it is mandatory to cancel this shipment. Cancellations can be made by calling (888) 388-4903 or emailing

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