Bellaplex is an anti-aging cream which according to site has got cutting edge ingredients to make the skin to look younger, hydrates the skin and repairs the aging skin by replenishing it. The site claims that it can make look years longer without any sort of risky injection or expensive surgery.


Benefit Claims By Bellaplex

Like other scam skin care brand, the site claims the same benefits that bellaplex:

  1. would decrease volume and depth of wrinkles
  2. would make the skin soft
  3. would relax and decrease existing wrinkles
  4. would increase smoothness of the skin

Ingredients In Bellaplex

Bellaplex contains the following four ingredients:

  • Matrixyl 3000 – helps in collagen production
  • Real Collagen – the structural protein responsible for keeping the skin soft
  • Argireline – relaxes facial muscles and as a result decrease wrinkles
  • Hyaluronic Acid – helps in hydrating and softening the skin

Both Martixyl and Argireline are patented ingredient which means there is no third party information or study about it except the info given on manufacturer’s site. Hyaluronic Acid is a proven hydrating agent backed by verious scientific study in journal of drugs in dermatology.

On the other hand, Collagen in Bellaplex serves no role because the Collagen molecule is not small enough to get penetrated into skin. Dr Blanca Sengerova, a protein biochemist from Oxford University says:

‘Although collagen is structurally important for the integrity of our skin, the protein molecule is far too large to pass through the barrier posed by the skin.’

Is Bellaplex Endorsed By Dr Michael A. Fiorillo?

Michael A. Fiorillo mentions in the website that Bellaplex makes skin to look younger and prevents aging of the skin. But did he really said that?

We did not able to find any news article where Michael A. Fiorillo endorse Bellaplex which indicates Bellaplex trying to sell it’s product by using fake endorsement.

The site also uses logo of top newspaper such as newsweek, usatoday, los angeles times etc. We tried to find if there is any article on Balleplax in those newspaper, but we found none.

Review from Customers

Bellaplex’s review on is very poor. It got average of 1.7 stars out of 5 and 67% (more than 50%) of the reviewers gave it a 1 star rating. Users said that they Bellaplex is a good moisturizer but did not see noticeable results in aging.

There are scam report on Bellaplex on as well. One user with Anonymous identity posted that she is being charged six months for $85.65nz but no products delivered to her.

Another customer posted that she is being charged 280 USD after signing up 1.99 USD trial offer.

Is Bellaplex Free Trial True And What’s The Real Pricing?

Bellaplex does offer trial but there is terms and conditions. If you opt in for Bellaplex free trial by submitting credit card info, then are automatically enrolled into autoship program and giving right to Bellaplex to charge your credit card.

Bellaplex autoship program states you will be charged $69.95 after 30 & 60 days from date or purchase until you call Bellaplex customer service number which is 1-800-545-8294. This terms and conditions is written in small letters in checkout page of Bellaplex.


Fake endorsement of Michael A. Fiorillo in the website, poor review of Bellaplex in Amazon, scam complain regarding Bellaplex in scambook and it’s deceptive authoship program concludes that Bellaplex is not worth buying.

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