Collagenix Age-Defying Complex Review

Collagenix Age-Defying Complex is one of those skin creams that claims it is the world’s most effective skin care solution when it comes to removing all ageing symptoms from your face.

However, this cream is available for trial; therefore, one should be extra careful about the hidden charges and terms that come along with this product. We recommend you opt for this cream, only when you are convinced that its promises are true and that it is worth your hard-earned money.


What does Collagenix claim?

Collagenix takes immense pride in claiming that it is super-effective against wrinkles and other ageing symptoms. When you go to the sales page of this cream, you will come to know of the following promises that it makes to its users:

  • Obvious reduction in the formation of wrinkles
  • Considerable improvement in your skin’s elasticity
  • Instant tightness and firmness of skin within 90 seconds of usage
  • Brings back youthful looks and rejuvenation in your skin
  • Considerable reduction in the formation of under-eye circles and puffiness around eyes

When cream promises so many benefits within a very short span of usage, you are sure to be impressed. However, never let your emotions overwhelm you at any point. You should always invest in products only after checking their authenticity. Check for facts like ingredients, pricing and other terms to authenticate the tall claims and take the call of purchasing this cream only if you have enough facts to support your decision.

What is Collagenix made of?

The list of ingredients in a product defines its originality. Collagenix is no exception to this rule. You should always check the label of the product that you are buying to know about the list of ingredients, their dosages, instructions for use and other general information. However, you will be disappointed to note that there is not much information available in this regard, except for a faint mention of Matrixyl 3000 being the main ingredient of this cream. This ingredient is quite powerful and is known to bring about many visible improvements to your skin. However, we cannot justify or recommend Collagenix for you, as there is lots of ambiguity surrounding this product.

Pricing of Collagenix

Like all other beauty products that are offered on a trial basis, Collagenix also is available for trial for 30 days. However, you need to remember that once you are sign-up for this offer, you will get it delivered within 10-15 days only. So you need to be careful that you cancel your sign up within this period so that you can avoid $69.95 worth of charges that is billed against you for the first month of usage. Collagenix is an auto-ship product, which means you will keep getting monthly supplies and be required to pay for the same until you cancel your subscription fully. The contact numbers of Collagenix are 1-800-549-6120 (USA/Canada), 1800-789-570 (Australia) and 0800-480-212 (New Zealand). Their email id is

Bottom Line

Since the pricing terms are very ambiguous, and there is no mention of the detailed list of ingredients anywhere, we would not recommend Collagenix for you. We would rather advise you to look for other effective products that are cost-effective and transparent.

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