DaLayne Face Cream

It is very essential to check the details of any trial offer, especially when ordering a skin care product. In the case of DaLayne Face Cream, it promised a lot of claimed benefits, yet so far, none of our research could substantially support their claims. In addition to that, there could be hidden charges in the trial offer and we do not want you to be one of the victims. Read on to know more about this item and decide if you would still avail of the trial offer.

DaLayne Face Cream

Cited Benefits of DaLayne Face Cream

As we cannot get any other resources, but from their website, here are the listed expected results after using the product:

  • It helps reducing the wrinkles on specific surfaces of your skin.
  • Once wrinkles are already there, the cream helps in reducing its density.

We wanted to add more, yet all of its benefits target only your wrinkles when there are other impurities in our skin, which should also be addressed. On the other hand, those are still good benefits of getting a younger looking skin.

In order to achieve such claimed benefits, looking into the ingredients should be the next thing to do.

Enumerated Active Ingredients of DaLayne Face Cream

There were links available on their landing page, but none of those links can lead you to the list of active ingredients of the product. We scanned and flipped through every page, yet we could not find anything, which is appropriate to answer this portion of our review.

This is the reason why we cannot recommend this product because we do not have any idea on what it is made of. It might contain active ingredients that may give you younger looking skin, yet will cause more serious damages to the cellular level.

We cannot attest to the benefits this product promises.

Pricing Details of DaLayne Face Cream Trial Offer

Before you dive in purchasing this beauty product, remember that this trial offer is NOT FREE. The product may be, since you will have a 14 trial period to test if the product works for you.

However, after that period, you will be charged with the full price of $84.75.

Be mindful of what you are signing for because in getting the trial offer, you will be signing into an auto-ship program. Therefore, you will get monthly supplies of the product with its full price.

Can You Trust the DaLayne Face Cream Trial Offer?

Despite the good results it promises to all users, with insufficient details we got about the product, we cannot recommend it to you.

Moreover, the auto-shipping is a big NO. We are in this industry for some time and the major cause of customer complaints is the auto-ship programs.

It would be best to find a product, which works the same way, yet with no hidden charges and cost-effective at the same time.

How You Should Contact DaLayne Face

If you want to cancel the trial offer you have availed in getting the DaLayne Face Cream, you can use the following contact information.

Phone: (877) 829-8779
Email: support@hasslefreebeauty.com

We would like to hear from you in case you have tried the product as we might consider it in our next reviews.

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