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Decollage Serum is an anti-aging beauty product that promises to make you look several years younger. It claims to act on your ageing spots like wrinkles, dark circles and fine lines so that you get back the lost glow in your skin.

Is it alright to place your trust in this product? You need to first collect facts like the components and pricing of this serum so that you can answer this question with full conviction.

What does Decollage Serum claim?

The makers of Decollage Serum leave no stone unturned when it comes to advertising about their product. The serum’s website is filled up with data as to how it acts on your wrinkles permanently to make you look younger and glowing. This serum promises benefits like:

  • Up to 84% reduction in the number of wrinkles and fine lines
  • Up to 95% improvement in the skin’s potential to produce collagen
  • Up to 73% reduction in the number of dark circles

When a product claims something so big with the exact percentages, you should be able to read between the lines. Ensure that you start looking for facts to validate these claims.

What does Decollage Serum contain?

What better way to check the authenticity of a product than checking its ingredients? However, when you adopt this method with Decollage Serum, you are sure to be disappointed. In spite of its tall claims and phrases like scientifically tested ingredients, the serum doesn’t give away any other details. We are completely in the dark when it comes to the components of Decollage Serum.  So, how do we believe that this serum is the perfect alternative to costly surgeries? We would never make the mistake of recommending this product for users. This is because we know that one has to pay a huge price for this ambiguity.

Pricing of Decollage Serum

Decollage Serum is available on a 14-day trial offer. To check it out, you need to sign in and pay a shipping fee of $4.95. If you aren’t happy with the product, remember to cancel your sign in within the trial period itself. If you fail to do so, be prepared to see charges worth $96.41 on your credit card at the end of the 14th day.  This amount is towards the charges for the first month’s usage of the product. Since you are already part of the auto-ship policy as well, your troubles don’t end here. Shipments of Decollage Serum will be delivered at your address once in 30 days subsequently. You need to pay $96.41 every month for the same. To opt out of this mess, you can call (844) 215-7226 or email sales@decollageskincare.com

Bottom Line

Decollage Serum is a serum that is steeply priced and is governed by strict auto-ship rules as well. While these are not hard to ignore, it is another factor that worries us the most – lack of clarity about ingredients. Therefore,  we don’t think that this product would be a great choice for you to put your hard-earned money in!

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Product doesn't work period. Billing practices are less than honest.


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My experience mirrors all the other reviews here. And because I disputed it with my credit card company (and lost) they reused to give me any money back.


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Saw this product for sale on facebook. Carrie Underwood and her husband supposedly developed this product. I like Carrie, but I do not like the miss informed BS that this ad was. It said you can try your first order for $10. So I thought that was a great deal and I'd like to support Carrie because she's awesome. And if i liked the product i might order it in the future. Then 3 weeks later I get my credit card bill and I'd been charged $86 and $96!! Are you kidding me!? Almost $200 for some stupid eye creams! I don't even love the product. I was so upset and the customer service agents weren't great to deal with. I will NEVER BUY from anything like this again. What a scam and disappointment. Too bad Carrie Underwood is part of something like this.


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This is a total SCAM!! I was offered a "Reward" for completing some On-line Survey's. Just had to pay S/H $4.95 for "Trial Size"...thought that's all it was. Following month I was charged for the Cream $94.00 and Serum for $89.00....I lost my mind on Customer Service. she offered me a $55.00 refund since I didn't cancel in 14 days....WTF. Complained to Credit Card company and they agreed it's a Scam, HOWEVER in the tiny, tiny fine print somewhere at the very very bottom it must have stated it someplace. Credit Card girl said take the refund and be happy I'm getting that amount back, because their hands are tired due to the Fine Print......BUYER BEWARE!!!!!!! BTW the product Sucked!!


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Got caught in same scam ordered it to try during a setting up surgery & when I called realizing I might not be able to even be in my home to use it, I called to cancel, missed the out date by 4 days, talked to them thought they understood & cancelled anyway, but ch acct showed $91 ch. called them, parroting same spiel, got to 3 person super, who credited me 25% & then wanted to know if I was going to dispute the chg, said if I knew how I would, then it sounded like a threat if I did "it could go either way" meaning ? so chalked it up to learning experince for an old lady. I agree with Shelia would give it a minus star if available. So got a one ounce trial jar for $91, bit less if the cr comes.

Tried it. Got scammed

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I ordered the trial product and did not read the fine print well enough. Got charged $200.00 after the 14 day trial. When I called to complain, first of all the representative was extremely rude and then hung up on me. I did, at least, got the subscription cancelled. Also turned out I was allergic to the product!! Never again. Lesson learned. Gave it only a 1 star because I couldn't give it a lower rating.

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