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Liva Derma have introduced a product that work on the reverse ageing process.  The main promises of this product is defying ageing and continually work on presenting a younger and radiant face for all users.  With many such products thronging the market, it is imperative to test the goodness of this product, before using or signing up for the offers that come as part of the product.  Here’s a peek into the ingredients and the cost of this product, so users can take a call on buying or do away with this.


How does Liva Derma help?

The product seem to have a lot of benefits for the young looking skin.  They claim to work on skin and eyes.  The moisturizer works towards hydrating the skin, giving a visibly fairer shade and straightening the frown lines and this entire thing works towards giving you a fairer and younger skin, and this also work towards the maintenance of youthful skin.  It also works on the reduction of puffy eyes, under eye circles and dark lines, creating a visible difference on the face itself.

What does Liva Derma contains

While the claims made by this product tend to tempt the user to sign up for its offers, the ingredient label on the product, seems to give a verdict against this.  There is absolutely no information whatsoever on what the product contains, which makes us wonder what it is made of, and how we can conveniently buy this without any inhibitions.  With these missing details, the users are unable to decide if they can go ahead and buy this product.  There seems to be no reason why this product should work, and there is no authenticity.

Hidden truth behind the costs of Liva Derma

The shipment charges for this anti-aging cream is  $4.95.  This needs to be paid at the time of the sign up for the free trial.  There is a surprise waiting as at the end of the 14 days when you see a charge of $118.95, and there is no end to these shipments until the orders are auto cancelled.  The shipments will continue and so will the payments.

The result

With absolutely no information on the product label and being so costly, we are forced to believe that this could be a scam, and hence advise users to refrain using the product.  Users cannot even be sure that they will have no negative effects using these products as they cannot check on allergic ingredients in the product.  So, in case there is a need for this product, the best thing to do is look for a different product that can give you the same effects of this product.  Looking for a cost effective cream is the best option for anybody who would like to sign up for this.

Who to call

Users can call 844-839-5384 or send an email on support@livadermaeyecream.com to cancel the shipments because if they do not do that, then the auto shipments will be processed and the payments will never stop.


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