Luster Age Defying Cream


We have scanned online sources about age-defying creams and Luster Age Defying Cream is one that caught our attention. It has a list of claimed benefits and available for trial. Before you dive in, sign up and provide them with your credit card information, read our honest review to know if what you are about to get is legit or not. We always warn people who plan to sign up free trial offers because there can be hidden charges. Some will allow you to get the product and you need to cover the shipping fee only, but failing to cancel your subscription may enroll you in their auto-ship program.

Cited Benefits

As they claimed on their website, all users can achieve the best results as the product can do the following:

  • Get a younger-looking skin in a few days of using the cream.
  • Make facial cells healthy through hydration and nourishment.
  • Improves the facial muscle elasticity and firmness
  • Reduces the visible wrinkles and fine lines on your face

Before believing the listed benefits of using the cream, read on to check its ingredients.

Enumerated Active Ingredients

After we collected information about the product, with all our best efforts, we only acquired little information about it.

The only terms that were highlighted are “whole collagen molecules” and the “peptide-rich serum” which are both questionable if true.

It left us very disappointed because we are very certain that the impressive claims cannot be achieved without disclosing its ingredients. It is very risky to try something you do not know what you are putting on your face.

Allergic reactions may happen, yet you do not know which from those substances in the product triggered that unwanted response.

Pricing Details

It can be captivating at first because you will only be required to sign up for $4.95 and get a sample product. They advertised it to be a FREE SAMPLE because the initial amount is for shipping.

For 14 days, you can enjoy the serum, yet once you forgot to cancel the trial offer, you will be subscribed to their auto-ship program. You will receive monthly packages and pay $89.95 only for a facial cream.

Can You Trust the Luster Age Defying Cream Trial Offer?

Because of the lack of ingredient information and with the full price that is too expensive for a face cream, we cannot recommend this item for you. There can be a cheaper alternative for it with available information about its contents.

The hidden ingredient information may also imply that once you purchase the item, there can also be hidden charges.

How You Should Contact Manufacturers

If you want to cancel the trial offer you have availed or ask more questions about the product, you may use the information below:

Phone: (888) 503-6457

If you have your real experience with this age-defying cream, please leave us a comment below.

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