NuHydrate Anti Ageing Cream

Botox is the tried and tested methods of age reversal, and most women who want to maintain their young looks have taken these injections and seen favorable results.  However, with the advent of the NuHydrate, looks like things might take a drastic change of direction.  This product has set out to give women folk that so elusive satin smooth, baby skin that the Hollywood beauties possess.  In fact, it claims to work better than age-old traditional Botox, and this has made many heads turn around and look up to the product.

NuHydrate Anti Ageing Cream

What the product NuHydrate promises

Just like the usual age defying products, the NuHydrate also proclaims that it works on anti-ageing and helps keep the skin wrinkle free and ease out frown line to the extent of 84%.  There is a promise that it helps the skin 95 % to produce more collagen which in turn reduces the signs of ageing by increasing the elasticity of the skin.  In addition to these, the product also is supposed to be help 73 % in reduction of dark eye circles.  With all of these benefits, one is pushed to believe that the product must work, but there is a lot that remains to be tested and tried if you do not want to be cheated.

The contents inside NuHydrate

The content section of the packing is not half as good as the promises that are mentioned.  Surprising as it may sound, there is no content information whatsoever on the product.  With the absence of this information, the credibility of the product takes a dip as there is a complete lack of transparency leading us to wonder if this is safe to use this product at all.  There is no way to ascertain that this product only uses ingredients that all not allergic to the users and it can even be considered as a run down to the right of the buyer’s right to information.  This adds no weight to the decision of purchase of this product as a result.

Cost factor of NuHydrate

The product like most online merchandises offers a free trial period.  However, there is more to it than the free offer, and there is a $ 5.95 charge at the time of signing up.  This is for the shipment’s postal charges, and there is no expectation or mention that there will be charges at the end of the trial period. In case buyers do not cancel their orders, there is an auto renewal that is done, and the products get shipped again and again.  There is also a charge of about $100 that is debited when the trial period ends and the shipments are auto- booked until there is a deliberate cancellation.

The verdict

Having read through these pointers, any sane person would just not subscribe to this product and look for a substitute that is both less costly as well as more effective with good ingredients.

Who to contact

To stop the auto shipments of the product, you need to call the bank and cancel your card. That way, the skin care company won’t be able to charge you again.

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