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Perlelux helps to repair the damage caused to skin through the years. It helps to re-vitalize and refresh the skin condition. It also helps to improve the moisture and other aspects of the skin. The manufacturer says that the serum is the best alternative to the cosmetic surgery procedures to bring back youthful appearance.

But the major question is that why should we trust them and believe their claims blindly. First of all, we must testify their claims before using the serum. For this purpose, I’ll analyze its ingredients and other information carefully.


Claims of Perlelux

The web site of Perlelux makes overwhelming claims about almost all the issues of the skin. According to the manufacturer, it makes the skin glow, fresh and youthful. In addition to that, it also removes the wrinkles, dark spots and fine lines. The manufacturer says that the moisturizer will help to improve the brightness, tone, texture and firmness of the skin. All these claims are just claims till we analyze them on the basis of the ingredients used to make Perlelux. So, let’s see what it is made of.

Ingredients of Perlelux

If you’re looking for the products ingredients label or detailed description, you’ll come across a huge disappointment because I found nothing in this respect. When I visited the web site of the product, I only see the term ‘break through formula’ but what was that formula? I got nothing in that respect. As a matter of fact, any product can be verified on the basis of the ingredients used to manufacture it. In this case, we get nothing in this respect. So, for me, the use of this product is highly risky and it is just like wasting your hard earned money.

Price of Perlelux

Apparently, the serum is available on a 14-day free trial period. However, it is not true at all. In fact, it is not a free product at all. You’ll have to pay the shipping charges of. In addition to that, they will also deduct an amount of $147.95 on the 14th day through your credit card. So you’ll have to pay $147.95 for the package. Furthermore, it is a monthly subscription which means you’ll have to this amount every month for the product. To avoid these costs, you need to cancel your package ASAP. You can cancel it by calling on the following number +44-20-3150-0276 or email them at support@perlelux.com.

Final thought

For me, Perlelux is ambiguous product and I’ll never recommend it. I don’t know about its composition and it is also accompanied by hidden charges. So, you should never waste your money to buy this product.

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