Skin Balance

Skin Balance Advanced Anti-Wrinkle Cream has come out on the market with a bid to bring relief to all the women out there who are having trouble maintaining their young and firm skin.

If slogans on the product are to be believed, then this is the truth behind celebrities and their young looking skin.

It has come into the market to share this secret with the other women folk so that they can use this formula to keep their skin youthful and glowing.

Skin Balance

How does Skin Balance help?

Since the product claims to prevent ageing, it promises to do so by a three-way process.  First and foremost it reduces the dryness in the skin by 95%, as it increases the production of collagen.  Second, it attacks the main reason that is, i.e., the under eye circles.  This darkens the entire complexion and makes the face look dull and tired.  This product sets for itself the task of reducing this to almost 73%.  Over and above Skin Balance also works on reducing the frown lines to the extent of 85%

What does Skin Balance contains

Here’s the flip to this product.  While it has so many claims, there is not much proof to substantiate the claims that it is making.  It is only a simple concept that the users who want to make use of this product would like to know what goes into the making of this.  With no mention of this, it makes the purchase of this product very difficult.  Added to that is the fact that there is no way buyers can check if there are allergic ingredients added to this product.

Hidden truth behind the costs of Skin Balance

While Skin Balance comes with a trial offer, that is propagated to be free, the truth of the matter is that it is not free.  There is a 14-day trial offer, and at the end of the trial, the user has to pay up $147.44.  This makes it a no- free offer and there is more to come because, once the free trial period is over, and the user has not remembered to cancel, the product is auto shipped and payments are continued to be debited.  This makes us wonder if this product is just another way of minting money from the user or if it has some goodness in it.

The result

Without a thorough knowledge of the ingredients of the product, there is no way this product Skin Balance is going to be recommended.  We need to know one way or the other if this product is any good before recommending this to our users.  Since that info is lacking this product is a no. This combined with the fact that that there are no clear details on the payments that will be incurred, compel us to steer clear of this product.  However, if we have the need to look for a product like that, then it is best to look at similar ones.

Who to call

Having read this, to cancel the free trial offer of Skin Balance, you can call into 855-303-3110 or mail

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