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SkinFreshMD Advanced Wrinkle Moisturizer

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SkinFreshMD Skin Cream is an anti-ageing product that promises you youthful looking skin in the most natural way, within a short period of application. This cream makes some tall promises on its site.

It claims to give better results than Botox. It also boasts of being the secret behind the ageless beauty and glow of many celebrities.

However impressive and attractive these claims may sound, you should never trust them without having proper facts to validate them.  You can understand more about this cream only when you understand its features, cost and components. Read on to know more.

What does SkinFreshMD claim?

When you visit the website of SkinFreshMD Anti-Aging Cream, you will be thrilled to notice that regular users are entitled to the following benefits:

  • reduction in the number of wrinkles and fine lines
  • improvement in the skin’s potential to produce collagen
  • reduction in the number of dark circles

Yes, these claims may look like the perfect answer for all your ageing related problems. However, if you should understand that these claims are mere words if they are not proved. You should never trust these claims unless there are facts and figures to prove them. Never invest your hard-earned money in a product until you are fully convinced about its authenticity.

What does SkinFreshMD Face Cream contain?

The website of SkinFreshMD does mention about using natural, effective and scientific ingredients to restore the firmness and softness of your skin. Unfortunately, it doesn’t mention about the list of components anywhere, which makes it very difficult for us to test its authenticity. At one place, the site mentions that the ingredients use “collagen molecules” to enter into the deepest layers of your skin. These details are not enough for us to know if this cream is genuine or not. Therefore, we would never recommend this product to our readers.

Pricing of SkinFreshMD Cream

SkinFreshMD is available on a 18-day free trial. To try this, you have to pay a one-time processing fee of shipping which is $4.95. If you are not satisfied with the cream, remember to cancel it within these 14 days. If you don’t, your credit card will be charged $97.67 towards the full month’s usage charges. This is not the end to your financial woes. You are automatically signed in for the auto-shipment of the product as well. Hence, once in every 30 days, you will receive shipments of the cream at your place. For this, you need to pay $97.67 every month. To cancel your subscription anytime, you can call 888-510-2382 or email support@skinfreshmd-offer.com

Bottom Line

SkinFreshMD fails miserably when it comes to declaring its ingredients openly. For this precise reason, you shouldn’t place your trust in it. Also, the cream is too steeply priced and comes with a lot of complex cancellation rules, which make it a highly confusing product. There are many other simple, effective and transparent anti-ageing beauty products that are worth your trial; therefore, please stay away from this.

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Why was I charged an additional $100.


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I've bevneen scammed now by "New Luxe", almost word for word, same type of deal. I woke up 1 M, went to get gas, the day before my card had $300+ on it babe now I'm over drafted by $60. Called thr bank n we sebt over all my charges. It was these eople who when u csll, they have a different name of their company (meant to confuse) and they tell me I didn't cancel it within yhrctrisl period. Thing is-I absolutely did abd i vslled the frsuf unit @my bank and together wrccslled thidc"Nu Lixez" that answers somewcere I'm the Philippines, I could just tell and got to bottom of this becaudevim had names, dates,and times of who I spoke to. The bank tookbaway the obetdtaft n the company refunded me 1/2 on so I still paid $90; never got anything else shipped to me from them. Because the 4.96 I paid was for the sample, now the $90, I should of at least got another bottle but I didn't n again m, I did this all writing everything die n I'm a calendar, names n Op ID #s, tbe whole 9 bitvthid still happened to me. Be VERY CAREFUL. If u wabt to collect a few of theae,samples gteat, I understand, just be sure to document who you spoke to, ID #, what their company is called and read the terms of service before even calling. I ordered SkinFtesgh on Sat nite, nothing yet had come n I will cancel this on Saturday so there is NO questioning. They need to stop with these companies.


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This is probably the most shady company I've ever encountered. The first review is right on. DON'T ORDER this product. It doesn't do anymore than a normal moisturizer and it's $97.94. When I finally did get my credit card statement I had two charges for the trial and the "auto-ship' which I never signed up for when I ordered my trial "pay for shipping" only. There was no indication on the site anywhere about charges or return policy. I will be contacting the bank tomorrow. I also spoke to three reps, the first two were the rudest customer care I've spoken to in my life and when they didn't want to deal with it - they just hung up. Forget speaking to a supervisor. It's impossible. This company should be shut down.

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