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There are lots of beauty products in the market that claim to restore the youthful nature of your skin and bring back its vitality – something that you always longed for. With so many products and trial offers on them, it tends to get confusing to pick one for yourself.

Here, we are going to give a review on one of these products, Vita Renew, its features and trial offers and our recommendations as well, to aid your decision-making process. This will give you a better understanding of its benefits and hidden charges, if any, so that you can take the right call whether to choose this or not.

What does Vita Renew promise?

Vita Renew is an skin serum, which claims to make your skin look youthful and fresh always.  As per the product’s website, it claims to provide the following benefits for you:

  • Makes your skin look bright and radiant
  • Restores firmness of your skin
  • Removes the appearance of fine lines

Already want to buy this skin serum after reading its benefits? Hold on, as you need to understand if the product’s claims are genuine or not, before you decide to invest your hard-earned money in this.

What is Vita Renew made of?

You can check the authenticity of a product by analyzing the composition of its ingredients. The package of this serum does contain the list of ingredients which are Syn-Coll, RonaFlair, Syn-Ake, Hyaluronic Acid, Kojic Act. But the composition  of each of these ingredients are not mentioned. Therefore, you will not be able to check the effectiveness of the safety of this cream. Would you want to buy a product even if you are completely unaware of its ingredients? Can you afford to take such a big risk with your skin?

Cost structure of Vita Renew

Vita Renew claims that its serum comes with a trial offer; however, you would be mistaken to believe that you can use the product free of cost. Apart from the initial fee for a short period, you need to pay a hefty charge of $89.95, if you miss out cancelling your subscription within this 14 day trial period. What’s worse is you will continue to keep getting your monthly supplies and be asked to pay for them, unless you cancel your subscription fully. You have to read through the terms and conditions of Vita Renew to know what you are signing in for. If you have any doubts or queries about the product, you can call Vita Renew at 800-391-1562 or email them at CustomerService@VitaRenewSkin.com

Bottom Line

There are two major disadvantages associated with Vita Renew. One is that its package doesn’t come with any ingredients for you to cross check its authenticity and the second is that the price is too high, if you miss cancelling your products within the trial offer. These hidden charges can come as an unpleasant shock to you if you don’t read the terms properly. Therefore, we recommend that you look for other products that are effective and have transparent pricing.

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This is a SKAM!!!! I was contacted via email. This company represented themselves as being a vendor for Costco. The emaiL stated that all I had to pay for the shipping ONLY for the sample of same creams. It was a no brainer. Being a vendor of Costco, how bad could to product be. I did not think anything of it, til I received two packages with a bill for $58.95 & $68.95. I called them and had them refund my money. The company would not provide for shipping, but instructed me to write RETURN TO SENDER. They refunded my $110 only. They deducted $17.80 for shipping. Original shipment cost were $12.90($5.95 & $6.98). I further researched our account and found that they had billed me for $86.95 & $89.95). I called them and they refused to refund my money. I needed to dispute this charges with my credit card. I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS COMPANY OR ANY OF THEIR PRODUCTS. BAD BUSINESS, TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE. STAY CLEAR OF THIS COMPANY. THIS COMPANY'S PRACTICE LACKS ETHICS. BUYER BEWARE!!!!!


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This company is a lot shady. They sent a survey that was to see how I liked Amazon. They ask several questions and all the time I thought I was responding to Amazon, At the end of the survey they claimed I could chose a free gift from a list of things, all I had to do was pay shipping charges. Done deal. However a couple of weeks later I was charged $89.95 for the product. I called my bank to have them deny the charges. When I called Vita Renew to let them know, the man i talked to said you can't do that, you signed an agreement and we will come after you. He was quite nasty. He said to go ahead and pay and I could send the product back and they would refund my money. I don't trust them to do that since they were dishonest to begin with. when I mentioned that the guy said if i kept up telling them they were underhanded I wouldn't get my money back. He said next time read the small print which was so small you needed a large magnifying glass . Just be aware everyone this is a sham if I've ever seen one.


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Very disgusted with this company can't cancel this overpriced pot of cream. They are a bunch of con artists. They expect a review it doesn't deserve to get even 1 star!!

Great Customer Service!

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I was very hesitant about ordering this product but I called in to the Customer Service before I ordered and they explained the entire process for me. The Agent Phillip even discounted down the bottles so I can order. I am so excited to try the products now that I can afford them.

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