[Important] Cancellation Phone Numbers List of Free Trial Skin Care Offers

We receive a lot of email from readers asking for refund or to cancel autoship subscription of the anti aging product. Some readers even asked for Shark Tank phone numbers. Interesting fact is Shark Tank don’t own any of these free trial offers. Few bad marketers or affiliates are using Shark Tank’s name to sell products.

Also note that we don’t own any of those free trial products. So we can’t help to cancel or refund. We just publish review article of third party products on this website to help consumers to make the right choice.

BUT we can certainly help YOU to reach products’ customer service either by phone or email.

We invested a lot of time and have complied a list of the free trial skin offers and their email and numbers below.

However, a lot of the time you will find that the number or email is not working or responsive. In that case, you have to call the bank and file a fraud dispute. The bank will refund your money if you are lucky.

Also, if you have been a victim of a scam by a product which is not listed here, then please contact us so that we can update the list.

Cancellation Phone Numbers List By Company or Brand Name In Alphabetical Order:


Abella Mayfair (250) 483-7496 or email at

Active Brightening Face Serum (877) 982-4901 or email to info@activefaceserum.com

Active Firming Anti-Ageing Cream

Active Firming 855-351-0600, support@activefirming.com

Active Plus Youth Cream +61-291912796

Adaptive Eye Complex 877-418-3084, info@tryadaptiveskincare.com

Adorn Age Refresh (888) 386-0455 or email at support@adornbeautystore.com

Ageless Skin 844-902-1649, support@agelesseyegel.com

Allegro 877-521-2833, cancel@hydraskinsciences.com, customerservice@allegroskin.com

Allura Anti Aging Serum 888-736-3712

Allura Derm 877-239-1206

Allure Cream 888-985-5327, customerservice@allurefacialcream.com

Amore Eye 866-981-5686, cs@amoreeye.com

Amore Skin Cream 866-981-5685, cs@amoreskintreatment.com

Auralei 44-808-168-3669 (UK), 855-256-2876 (USA), 61-291-912-79 (AU), support@auralei.com

AlluraDerm 877-239-1206

Allure Age-Defying Moisturizer 888-728-5208 or email support@healthylifecorp.com

AllureRX Ageless Eye Revitalizer 888-517-3937 or email support@allurerx-offer.com

AM-Cream Revitalizing Skin Therapy (877) 671-0327 or email info@tryamcream.com

Atheno Skin (877) 882-1820 or email them at support@athenoskin.com

Avalure Face Cream 888-772-9017

Ave Creme 800-260-9856 or you can email them on support@avecreme-antiage.com

Aviqua 888-853-77-21, support@wrinklefreeluxury.com

Avoir Derma  (877) 370-7015

Azienda Collagen Serum 877-592-2233, aziendaskin@custservice247.com

Azienda Hydrofirm 877-592-2233, aziendaskin@custservice247.com

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